Global Conflict! – Benjamin Faircloth

Global Conflict! – Benjamin Faircloth

Sunday June 25, 2017

“The fuse of global war has been lit and there is nothing that can stop this explosion! Sides are being chosen, deals are being made, as madness invades the leadership of your day!

Conflict will arise from within and from without the borders of your nation. This will be an act to cover up what is being revealed. The smoke of war, and the stench of conflict is only a ruse to what is going on behind the scenes! There is a plan to captivate the people of this nation and planet, a scheme written in My Word; now being displayed in your life.

Prepare for the explosion of conflict, war, and unrest. Prepare for the storm that will attempt to steal your bread, your joy, and your life!

Shelter in Me, and know that I AM your God. Stick close to Me, and I will cover you with My Wings! Today is your day of salvation! I AM your Shalom!

(Scripture references: Isaiah 4, Jeremiah 17)

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