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Give yourselves to my Son. No more idols – Paul Campos

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Give yourselves to my Son. No more idols

September 20, 2022 12:25 AM
Paul Campos

Word from the Lord Sunday Morning,
A heavy wind, a glory fell.

‘The coast will be destroyed Paul, anarchy has cost me much, says the Lord. My presence is near but far. You ask for me, when do you want it, when will you say no more? To your gods no more, when Babylon will fall, then they will feel in their hearts, it is no more, gods no more, for the nephfilim walk the earth in search for harvesters. The Mayan gods are burnt, the Hispanic and Mexican culture give up your gods, and come to Me. I want you’ says the Lord.

The hindu gods abandon them, the shivas of this world are burning forever more, you need me more than them. Give up your idols, and your people, they will not save you anymore, will they? There will be a deep longing for my presence.’


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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