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Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death: A Different Meaning

November 8, 2023 7:02 PM

A famous man once said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Many only took this saying one way, but I give you my interpretation of truly what it meant.
Many of my children are captive by the enemy. Their flesh is not free to be with me. There are chains that bind them to their Earthly housing. These chains must be eliminated to be liberated, so their soul can ascend in the end.
Or give me death, is the death of the soul. As the soul then will descend upon its termination (if not liberated).
Give me liberty or give me death, is so much more, than one understands. Sin of any kind will keep you a captive of the enemy. You must tear yourself from those chains, that bind the soul, thru repentance (change of direction), getting to know me and my word, through prayer, fasting and praise. All get you closer to I Am and liberty.
Your prison, you have built for yourself upon Earth, must be shed to be with me. Humble yourself upon your knees and start with repentance, that is long overdue!

Those of my children who continue in sin will be confronted with a diving board into the abyss. As they go down the deep dark hole into darkness, never imagined, they will fall a great distance. Sounds of screaming, pleading and the smell of fear and putrid death permeates the caverns, walls and crevasses of each compartment. As they reach their final resting place their confusion will turn to horror, for there is no way out. As a 20-foot giant, grotesque in nature, hovers over them, they will most likely hear the phrase, “I Got You”, referring to their soul.
For only those awake to Gods presence can line up their actions on Earth to comply to Gods rules and mandates. Sin is that anchor, that brings you to the depths of Earth.
God has provided numerous warnings, in many forms, but most do not listen. Your resting place is contingent upon your life and actions on Earth.
You can only have one Father. Those on the fence, must make a choice. For two Fathers are an impossibility.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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