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Give “I Am” Glory – For He Can Save the Soul

July 14, 2023 7:45 PM


The Lord is my Shepherd, I Shall not want. He is the one who leads and guides me thru all encounters while on Earth. His presence is always with me, whether I realize it or not. His guidance is sure and steady.

Whether I faulter or not, is due (reliant) upon who I follow. Goodness and wickedness are the two opposing forces that contend for my soul. This battle is raging and ongoing. It is a choice that comes up, over and over, while on Earth.

My children do not have to be torn between good and bad. Choose righteousness, always. It is the right direction for one’s soul. Rebuke evil and emulate what I did while on Earth. You can tell who a person is by their fruits.

The direction you take at this juncture will determine where your soul will reside.

I Am your salvation, but it is up to you to follow me in a direction that is pleasing to me.

Many of my children believe they have dug a hole, for their soul, that is unescapable. This is not true. The enemy would love for you to believe this. Your enemy gives no hope to you, for your salvation.
Salvation is obtained by repentance, prayer, reading my word and spending time with me. If you follow these simple instructions and stay away from sin, you are redeemable. DO NOT listen to the enemy, because he is a liar. My children need to listen to me, for I Am the redeemer of souls. The enemy’s job is to make sure you believe there is no hope, no reason to change. He has taken many souls this way, do not get caught in his trap.

All my children have sinned. Some minorly, and some majorly. But all sin, no matter its severity, cannot make it into Heaven. Rid yourself of these heavy chains that make you believe you are unworthy.

Make sure you have dealt with all sin thru prayer, repentance and reading my word. My word will keep you on the right path, if you digest it daily. Rebuke sin of all kinds and your salvation is right around the corner. I love you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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