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Giants | Trump Dead | Lion kills richest of the richest people – Kirthika Vijay

Giants | Trump Dead | Lion kills richest of the richest people

April, 20 2020 7:29 AM
Kirthika Vijay


I got  these dreams two months back ...So i could not recall the exact date.

I Initially thought it is just a dream and ignored but after reading other people visions and dreams from your blogsite , I immediately realised This was a vision given by God to me But I was careless in that.
First dream :
I saw that there were very very tall men who also looked so ugly but they were all super tall like demons of a gigantic height who also had a very evil appearance who were easily catching and eating all normal humans and though humans were trying to run from them ,they cant escape from these giants who can easily catch and eat them and many humans were crying at their pathetic condition that they could not spare their life ..And the background of the dream was post apocalyptic where there was fire everywhere and all places were desolated ..The condiition of the earth was literally hell ..And few very few people who tried to escape this giants ran as far as they can where they ran to a desolate building to a room which was locked from inside ..These few men who ran to that room knocked it hard and it was opened by people who were all christians .Many and many such christians were gathered inside that one room who were all reading the bible and praying ..I saw the giants could not enter this building
Second dream :
My parents and I were in a lodge ..Where we saw in TV the news was flashing that Trump is dead and he was being put inside a coffin in his office
Third Dream :
There was a huge Ball (Party ) going on where the richest of the richest people who were all dressed in black dress wearing costliest dress and with wine and stuff were enjoying the ball ..Suddenly a big ferocious lion enters the party ..That Lion’s face was with full of anger and vengeance and it began to kill many and many mercilesssly ..Very few managed to escape the ball only to find asteroids falling everywhere outside the hall


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