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May 20, 2024 9 37 AM
Habakkuk 2:2Then the LORD answered me: “Write down this vision and clearly inscribe it on tablets, so that a herald may run with it. 3For the vision awaits an appointed time; it testifies of the end and does not lie. Though it lingers, wait for it, since it will surely come and will not delay.

The year 2020 was a year that shock and forever changed the world as we know it. With the pestilence, plague, and fear that was covering the globe. God was pouring out his precious holy spirit giving warning upon warning, and dream upon dream, that Jesus is coming and the world as we know it will change. 2020 started a cycle of God giving me dream after dream of the end times, many different subjects, and even now in 2024 he has not slacked with his outpouring of the spirit upon me, I am still getting more and more dreams.

(Dream July 13,2020) GIANTS<JESUS<THE MARK
I was at work and I went on break. I had my bible open and I was reading Job 33:14-18 (For God has spoken once, yes twice, yet man did not perceive it. In a dream, and in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumbering’s on the bed; Then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instructions, That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. He keeps back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword). I instantly fell asleep after reading that scripture from The Bible. When I fell asleep, I found myself in this car. It was a beautiful blue day. As I was going down the road in this car, I was thinking on lustful thoughts of past encounters I have had with people. I was thinking on the same thoughts I had been thinking on the past few days leading up to this dream. I was enjoying those thoughts. As I was driving, I see this massive outline of a man behind the clouds. I knew the outline of this man was Jesus. I knew He was coming. He had his arms outstretched as he was coming through the clouds. I knew what I was thinking, I knew what was in my heart. The next thing I know he bust through the clouds. He bent over out the sky and kissed the ground. This was the first dream I ever saw his face. He looked very similar to the painting Akiane painted called the Prince of Peace. I noticed all the details of his facial hair his beard, mustache, nose, hair, and even hair color. It was exactly as Akiane painted. Then the scene changed. I found myself going down this hallway with other people. Everything seemed normal and felt normal. Then the two double doors at the end of the hall opened. I could see giant feet outside the door. When I saw these feet, I immediately started to run in the opposite direction I had an understanding of the biblical giants and Genesis 6 in this dream. I knew this was not good. Other’s kept walking towards these giants like they didn’t know what they were or possibly out of curiosity they approached these massive feet. The whole atmosphere shifted it was fear and chaos, people running and screaming. I saw these giants outside the door that appeared to be wearing some form of ancient roman sandals snatching people up with such a rage and force. I believe they were eating them because even though I did not see above their feet because they were that massive. The people they were picking up were not coming back down. These giants were using both hands to devour people and throw them in their mouth. There was a part in this dream I saw a human man hanging like a rag doll by the arm, screaming, in the hands of one of these giants. Then I noticed this military man coming after me. He was chasing me. He caught me, touched my forehead, then said over his radio she does not have The Mark. This dream felt so real I was so afraid. Then its like everything around me paused stopped, I was still consumed with fear. I saw this weird little troll like creature as well frozen in time by me. At this point I knew I was dreaming but couldn’t wake myself up after a few attempts to do so. I screamed holy spirit wake me and I immediately woke up.

I can see into my dimension; I can see into this other dimension at the same time. I knew I was connected to a being I could see in this other dimension that is in these weird black and purple clouds. In my dimension I was telling my sister Jesus is coming, the Rapture is about to happen, I was feeling this imminent feeling in my being of how soon it could happen. I could feel that because I was connected to this being I could see in another dimension that was next to ours in this dream. In this dream the being didn’t really have any characteristics, I just saw the form of someone, I couldn’t really make out details. In my dream I knew she was listening but not truly listening. I felt she was being passive and the imminency of the situation was not important to her. The being in the other dimension was saying the Rapture could happen tomorrow. Not saying it would but emphasis was put on it could happen then. The next thing I know people started popping up in the other dimension in the cloud with this being. I was so shocked and frightened because in the dream I thought I still had tomorrow to warn and convince my sister from what I was being told. I was realizing then my sister did not make it.

(Dream August 18,2020) RAPTURE<FAITH
In this dream I was believing through faith I would be taken up in the Rapture. I closed my eyes in this dream. I was standing up in this dream. As I was believing through faith I would be taken up. I felt my body being lifted gently off the ground. In the dream I could not believe this was actually happening, finally. I decide to open my eyes and I’m in the clouds I can see the mist from the clouds moving around me. Then dream was over.

In this dream I saw two cloud formations in the sky, it was a beautiful blue day. In one cloud formation I saw water gushing, I knew it symbolized a fountain of living that Jesus talked about. In the second cloud formation I saw fire and brimstone gushing. I felt like God was showing me it’s my choice, I can choose to go down either road. Then in the not-so-distant sky behind these cloud formations I saw darkness coming. It was a thick unnatural sky. That was approaching and soon to cover the whole sky. As this darkness was coming a voice was saying you may not have time to repent. Warning me about the Rapture and my current sinful state. Then the scene changed. I saw a giant fallen angel in the sky, in the form of a cloud. This fallen angel had an evil wicked smile on its face and the sky was grey. Then I saw a woman that appeared to be middle eastern running frantic saying, “Where are the children. The children were gone. In the dream I was thinking if the rapture really happened my kids wouldn’t be here. I ran back to my apartment in my dream but in this dream my kids were at the table playing. Then the dream ended.

(February 28,2021) LEFT BEHIND
The dream started off at night. In the sky I could see a circular black hole. It looked like a spiraling galaxy with tiny stars in the night sky. I saw this Caucasian male pouring his heart out at this portal like vortex in the night sky. I could tell by what he was confessing he knew the word of God. I was agreeing with everything he was professing and saying. Then in this dream the portal in the sky disappeared and he was left behind. The dream was so real me watching him I was thinking was I left behind in this dream. Then I saw fighter jets in a v formation fly overhead. Then the dream ended.

(Beginning of 2022) GENESIS 6 GIANTS
In this dream I kept hearing Genesis 6 Giants repeated. This being was saying it over and over and I knew it was a warning. In this dream I saw a dog in the middle of the road. I was near the house looking out at the street. In this dream something was saying Tremors. The movie of where the creature come out the ground and eat people. In the movie Tremors the creature followed sound. This dog was in the street barking. This creature looked much more terrifying than the one in the actual movie even though it looked very similar. This creature was massive it shot up out the ground, ate the dog as it came up. It was so long and massive its body that came out the ground seemed unending. Way taller than a skyscraper. Then the dream ended.
(Remind you 2023 is the year the 10 ft tall creature was seen in Las Vegas. Then 2024, 10 ft tall creatures were spotted at Miami Mall and in Brazil)

(Dream October 26,2023) 10 ft tall creature
In this dream I had come home, and my brother was so scared. He said 10 ft tall creature. In this dream I knew this 10 ft tall creature took my kids. I was pissed and ready to fight. In the dream I walked into my house going room to room looking for the creature and my kids. I got to my room. It was in my room, and it was pushing at the door trying to keep me from opening it and coming in. I started pushing back at it trying to open the door. I was pushing the door very aggressively. I was saying I rebuke you in the name Jesus repeatedly as I pushed. Then the dream ended.

(Dream November 22,2023) 10-15 FT GIANT/SHAPESHIFTER

In this dream I saw a couple. A young couple possibly 18 or 19. The girl was otherworldly beautiful, stunning, with blonde hair. In this dream the girl found out the guy was cheating. She confronted him outside about it. She got mad when she got mad, she shapeshifted. In the dream I heard 10-15 ft giant. She turned into this massive creature with a big head and reptilian eyes. The headed was biting at this boy while he was knocked to the ground. The boy didn’t stand a chance. The head of this creature looked almost bigger than the guy. The scene changed and I’m in this house and this beautiful girl come into the house after doing, God know what to the guy. She comes in alone with a guilty look and some sweat on her face. She looks disheveled. Then the dream ended.

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