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GHOST TOWN VISION – Handmaid of the Most High

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May 12, 2024 5:42 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

April 28, 2024

While talking about U.S. government activities with a friend, the Holy Spirit gave me a very brief vision.


Initially, I was standing near the bottom of the steps to the U.S. Capitol Building in DC. The day was sunny and cloudless. Next, I was on the far left side of the landing where the entrance is located. There wasn’t a soul around and I saw a page of newspaper being moved by the wind tossed about on the landing in front of me.

My attention was mainly focused on the emptiness of the area. I did not see anyone anywhere in view. I heard nothing but the sound the newspaper made as it brushed against the pillars or the ground.


As I asked the Lord for understanding. It was made clear that the government had completely collapsed and the reason no one was nearby was because there will never be any political activity ever taking place because the United States no longer existed.

The collapse is happening now. Bring your finances before the Holy Spirit for direction in how to be situated for the future. Do not believe anyone, who says otherwise.

The signs are all around you. Banks are closing branches (once the mark comes, no branches will be needed nor employees as all will be controlled by AI). Housing prices are being reduced in all price ranges and they are no longer selling as they have in recent months and years. Cars both new and used are sitting on the car lots, with buyers are unable to handle the payments.

Meanwhile, credit card debt is rapidly hitting new highs each quarter as people buy food and necessities on credit because their income isn’t keeping up with inflation. For the first time ever, the total outstanding debt went past a trillion dollars! It should be obvious that we as a society will not be able to pay this back! It will greatly contribute to the collapse of society and the financial system.

Isaiah 24:1-5
Jeremiah 51

Handmaid of the Most High


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