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Getting out of the World

September 25, 2022 7:37 PM

Hello! I hope you are well. Last night I dreamed a rather intense scenario that woke me with a start and that I believe is meant to be shared.

My family had went to a comedy show at a theater. We walked in, and I immediately wanted to leave. There were very rude people there, and everyone was throwing up! They didn’t seem to care where they threw up — vomit was everywhere, and no one even noticed. I said that I was leaving, and walked out. I tried to get a few others to leave with me, but we would only get as far as the lobby before someone would return to the theater to get some material item they wanted. Then, from the lobby window, I saw a Goodwill 18 wheeler violently crash into the Goodwill warehouse located next to the theater, destroying much of the building. I went outside, and realized that front of the theater was a gas station with several gas pumps, and that the truck crash was going to cause the whole theater to explode in flames because the warehouse was so close to it.

There was no longer any time to try to persuade others to leave the venue. My kids and I started running up a very rocky road away from the theater to get away from the coming explosion and destruction.

When I woke up, I immediately sensed that the theater represented the world and many of the people in it. The vomit is all of the filth that comes out of people — that we have polluted our spiritual environment with. Many people are going to keep running back into the arms of the world, for its illusionary treasures, but we must decide to be apart from it. I think the Goodwill truck represents the goodwill of God, which perhaps is at an end when it comes to earthly structures and ways. It is hard for me to imagine God running out of patience, but the dream did have that feel, and I know scripture describes this as well in places.

I wish I knew how to truly separate myself. I don’t have a smartphone, don’t use social media, don’t have a television, don’t engage with the public school system and stay away from almost all secular entertainment. Yet I still feel too enmeshed with this world. I do my business online, and must have a credit card and bank account to do so. I see the net that is being cast with technology, and I wish I could just go live in the desert with the kids. But then I would be hiding my light. Perhaps it is a matter of the heart — simply becoming detached from what happens here and trusting in Father. This is something that I am still working through. If anyone would like to talk about this conundrum, my email is mugshop@nym.hush.com. Blessings to you!


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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