Get Your Affairs in Order! – Cheryl

Get Your Affairs in Order! – Cheryl

AUGUST 24, 2018

The deception deepens among the majority of those who profess to be followers of mine. I am sounding alarm among you today – pay attention! Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall and examine yourself to see if you truly be in the faith – of the Lord Jesus Christ. For who goes on a long journey and does not first make sure they have the finances, and proper papers and directions. Or who does not consider what they must pack or prepare for before they set out? I tell you that there are more who spend the time and take the care for their earthly journeys then they do in the most important journey they will ever take, into eternity. Just as it would be preposterous for one to say they are able to travel abroad and will do so, yet they have not made any preparations nor have the means to do so as it is for any who say they are believers in the faith, yet have nothing to prove this. If I asked you, are you born again, what would you say? If I asked you are you saved from the wrath of God from your sin, what would you say? The reality is the majority of answers would be ‘I don’t know.’ If this is your answer it is you I am talking to. I am calling out now, to warn you – get your affairs in order for today is the day of Salvation. Take lightly no longer the journey you have been created for to insure your name be written in the Lambs book of Life.

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