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Get to Higher Ground – Michelle DeDios


Get to Higher Ground

June 28, 2020 10:28 PM
Michelle DeDios

Hi friends! I started having dreams seven years ago after I started following our Lord Jesus in earnest. I’ve written down about 200 of them. On 6/12/2020, He gave me a dream in which I was feeding fellow Christians out of a freezer that was jam-packed full of food to overflowing! I had so much food in this freezer that I could not close the door, and I realize that He wants me to pull out of the storehouse of dreams that He has given me and share them with the body of Christ.

Today I will share the most common dream I have had, which is of a tidal wave. I’ve had this dream at least 30 times at this point. The last time I had it was on approximately 6/26/2020. The dreams are pretty much the same. The tidal wave isn’t in any particular area, it is on a generic beach somewhere, and I see the water recede and know what is coming. I go to the beach and am warning people that the wave is coming and they must get to higher ground immediately. Very few people ever listen. Finally, I start heading up a hill to the highest point.

Right before the pandemic hit, I had the dream, and when I looked down from my high place on the hill I saw a cruise ship in the water, being tossed by strong waves. The people on the cruise ship were behaving very strangely. They were hanging out on deck playing games, sunbathing and having cocktails, even though the waves were huge. Meanwhile, people were falling overboard to their deaths. Everyone remained oblivious to the danger, though.

In a prior tidal wave dream, there was a small church built upon the sand of the beach. I went there to warn them about the upcoming wave. Everyone listened politely, but no one really believed me, I could tell. Then a huge wave hit the church and damaged the structure. I said, “If you think that was bad, it is nothing compared to what is coming.” Then I was climbing some stairs on the hill going to higher ground, and had to get past lukewarm Christians who were blocking the path to higher ground. They would have stopped me from going higher if they could have. I had to shove my way past them to continue on my way.

I have had this dream so many times, that now when I see the beach in a dream, I think, “Oh man, I know what is coming, I must warn these people!”

That is what I have decided to do. We are swimming9 in a sea of spiritual filth, and we are about to reap the consequences of what we have allowed in our culture. The only way forward at this point is to seek higher ground by focusing on Jesus and getting the world out of us. It is time to turn OFF the television, stop the distractions, get quiet and spend time with the Lord. I say this somewhat hypocritically, as I have had enormous difficulty lately keeping my eyes off of the world lately. Watching the dreams I have been having come true is mind-blowing. But I am obliged to share with you that it is TIME TO GET TO HIGHER GROUND.

Much love and many blessings to you, brothers and sisters. <3

Michelle DeDios



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