Get rid of your Idols or you will be left behind – Cornell de Beer

Get rid of your Idols or you will be left behind

Feb 13, 2020 4:21 AM
Cornell de Beer

Good morning brothers and sisters.

Dream recieved today, 13 February 2020

In my dream, I was standing with a crowd of people in crystal clear waters up to my ankles. We were all facing north.

As we were standing, some people were raptured. The people left behind, including me raised their hands and started praying in the hopes to also be raptured. It was to late.

In front of me, on my left side I heard some commotion and I walked over to see what is happening. I could hear music and someone said it’s the Lords bridal music.

In the clear waters was a flat screen television facing upwards. People were staring at it. Playing on the screen was a scene of coral reefs and beautiful fish swimming.

A lady on my immediate left took her phone and start to record the television. It was like an old fashioned flip open cell phone. Her hands was outstretched infront of her as she record. My thoughts at that very moment was: ” Oh no, this is not the time for that! No! It’s not something to do now especially with the bridal music playing.”

End of dream.


To many people are still with one feet in this world. We know God hates idols as it estrange us from Him. Even knowing and seeing that the coming of our Lord is at hand, people still prefer the idols of this world rather then making Him number one priority.

Water is a symbol of God’s Holy Spirit. The crystal clear waters represents the Holy Spirit. Some of the people standing in the water thought they were ready but where not.

Some people are so absorb in their everyday life and idols that they don’t even hear the bridal music is already playing … this is how close we are to the rapture of the Bride. Those that are fully prepared can already “hear” the bridal music, we know are Lord is coming soon!

We need to spent more quality time with our Lord, especially at a time when we should be on high alert, ready and watching out for His coming.

The “coral reef and fish” can be anything we watch on the television, it’s a distraction. Resulting that some are not 100% focused and left behind. Seeing the two examples of idols like the television and phone in is a clear warning. It is OK to be watchful but we must also balance our time with our Lord and not be to caught up in idols.

Confirmations recieved:

Eziekiel 39
(Pls read together with Eziekiel 38)

Ezekiel 44

Colossians 3

I’ve also received the number 554 for confirmation, which means:

Apekdyomai, to divest wholly yourself, despoil, strong one, to strip off from oneself, get rid off and renounce.

God Bless and Love. Stay strong and diligent brothers and susters. The End Line is insight! Don’t give up now, no matter how hard our struggles. God is with us and bigger then all our troubles. God is faithful and true, He will protect and provide. His mercy, grace and love is sufficient.

Your sister Cornell



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