get rid of old baggage that can weight us down – Victoria Ang

get rid of old baggage that can weight us down

Victoria Ang

Very early this morning I was woken to pray. After completing praying ,I fell back to sleep briefly and was given a dream

In the dream I was made known I had a particular house I needed to get to urgently. Along the way I found myself holding a bag filled with old stale grain. I wondered why I was carrying this bag. I stopped at a house and left the bag of old grain at the door step and continued on to my destination .I still had to quickly get to this one particular house.So I caught a ride with some unknown person that helped drive me to a river ,that would help get me to the house I needed to go.But I had to get into this water first. I also found another unknown man next to me that also needed to get to this particular house. But as I looked down one of my feet had a roller blade shoe on it. And the other foot was bare.Again I wondered why I was wearing that shoe so I took it off and threw it in the water. The unknown man next to me that needed to arrive at the same destination decided to dive under the water and look at the rocks. Despite the urgency of getting to the house. So I left him and kept going down the river in the water. I finally got to the end where I needed to get off… and the next thing I knew I found myself crossing the street from the river. When I crossed the street there was a big gate but a massive bull dozer was coming out of the gate. Full speed .I was looking for a place to hide and get out of the way before it killed me as it was headed straight towards me. As I moved to one side another massive bull dozer came barreling out of the gate and smashed right into the side of the first bull dozer and the dream ended.

Here is the meaning of the dream

We need to get rid of old baggage that can weight us down and keep us from moving forward in our relationship with the Lord. We need to bring it to the house of the Lord .Fully baring ourselves before him so that he can help cleanse and remove all that is not of him..In the living water of the Holy Spirit . Do not let the distractions keep you from coming to the Lord so that he can help you..Massive destruction is so close coming full speed and more will come crashing right behind one after another. Your only place of safety is looking to the Lord to keep you safe and protected from harm………. ………Please call upon his name for his help! He is waiting!!! God bless you!

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