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Get Ready for a Move of God!

March 5, 2021 2:02 PM

On 3.2.21 I heard in my spirit ‘Justice is coming!’ and then I received the following message.

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready for a move of God like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It will be phenomenal! It will be biblical – straight out of the bible. The world will be amazed at the turn of events and will know and witness the hand of God move upon this nation America one more time.

This is My final call to this nation – return, return, return to your first love – Me! I AM THAT I AM. My will be done upon this earth. Justice will return to this land. Righteousness will prevail for a season. If My people would humble themselves I will heal their land once more. I have spoken. Let it be done according to My Word and My will.

My Word is the highest stronghold in the land, higher than your Constitution – which I will uphold as it was founded and grounded in My Word. My Word will stand the test of time. It is above all else, above all things, it is living, breathing. Yeshua My Son IS the Word made flesh. Keep My Word in your heart where it will grow, sustain and transform you.

Come and see what I do to your nation. I will unfold, I will expose and unravel the deceit, the lies, the deception – the hoax that was perpetrated upon this nation. I myself will rise up to avenge once more this nation under God and country. I will avenge. I will expose. I will rise up once more. Watch Me perform a mighty miracle and know that I Am God. I AM JEHOVAH. I AM YHWH. I AM THAT I AM. I will return soon. Be ready to receive Me My children. Stand back and watch and be amazed. Fall to your knees as your God makes His manifest presence known.

Amen Amen
Arise oh church! The hour of your redemption draws nigh!
Watch and see the great things I will do
The Almighty GOD has spoken



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