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Aug 21, 2019, 11:01 AM
Collins Ouma


Oh My son, the countdown has now begun. Let your soul now rejoice for now your Redeemer is ALMOST revealing and manifesting His glory upon His people. The desire of ages and the cry of the saints and the chosen bride is now being answered. I am unleashing My people in such power that has never been seen before. Never will those that wait upon Me suffer again. I am rising upon them with signs and wonders to do that which pleases Me. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! The time of preparation is over. The long training is over. Now is the time to arise up My endtime army to conquer and reign with great power and glory. Let your eyes now be open son on what is happening and coming very soon upon the earth. This will be a signal wake up call that My remnant, the bride of Christ have been waiting upon. Be very much alert from now to the instructions you will be given by My Holy Spirit. Don’t hesitate. Do as you will be told. For you know My voice. My remnant knows My voice. You will told what to do and your next move. Just like My people Israel in their time of moving out of Egypt they were told to be at standby and ready. They had their last meal at standby and in haste because of the urgency of that time so is NOW. Thats what I require now of My chosen vessels. You will be called out for action anytime. Dont hesitate. Move with speed and precision for you will be operating under My divine order and assignment Remember that the task am calling you to requires complete obedience and trust. You are not alone. There are others receiving similar instructions to get ready and prepared for action. You will move in My unstoppable power  and glory. You will speak what I tell you. You will go where I want you to go. Hearken now than ever to the voice and instructions of My Holy Spirit. I love you son.

God bless you

Collins Ouma

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