Get Ready and Stay Calm in the Face of the Adversary! – Robyn Lebron-Anders

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Get Ready and Stay Calm in the Face of the Adversary!

October 15, 2023 12:36 PM
Robyn Lebron-Anders
This is my first dream posted here, although I have been reading and watching others for 2 years now.

This stuck with me as a message from God, because I normally don't remember my dreams in such detail.  I have waited to release it for confirmation. I pray that this will give you courage to face whatever comes!
DREAM: 10-10-23
I was getting dressed in what seemed to be athletic clothes and there was a short blonde girl there making fun of me.
Then for some reason, I was about to go into a wrestling match (which I have never done in real life).
The blonde girl was scoffing at me because I wasn’t a trained wrestler; somehow, I knew that she was on “my team”, but in a different weight class. Her taunting didn’t seem to bother me.
Right before I had to go on, I decided to use the restroom. While there, I saw I had a wound on my left side, but I knew I had to go on. I also noticed that one of my laces on my shoes was broken off. So, I gave two silver coins to another teammate to go buy new laces.
I asked the referee if I could have a minute to change my laces (my teammate was waving my new laces at me from the bench.)
The referee scoffed and sarcastically said, “Sure, he could stop everything for me to get ready.”
So, I went onto the mat and got on my knees, broken, wounded… but unafraid.
The other wrestler ran straight at me full speed, but as soon as she reached me, I grabbed her so fast I could barely see it, and slammed her to the ground. I won the match, and I was leaving the snippy blonde girl said… “YES!”
My interpretation:
  • Getting dressed for match = putting on the Armor of God
  • Scoffing Teammate = fellow lukewarm Christians who don’t believe us when we talk about what’s coming.
  • Wound & broken shoe lace = hardships that we will endure, even money can’t fix…
    some will seem un-fixable, but we must go on.
  • Referee = God will not “wait” for us to get ready. We know what this “match” between good and evil is about.
  • Getting on my knees, unafraid = humble ourselves and put our trust in God.
  • Winning the match = God gave me supernatural assistance to take the enemy down because of my faith and resolve.
  • Adversary running at me full force = Satan is going to start coming for us hard and fast.
  • God wins in the end!
  • Teammate cheering = Others will be brought fully to God’s team after seeing His mighty works.
John 16:33 “I told you this so that you may find peace in me. In the world you will have to suffer, but be brave! I have overcome the world.”
Blessings & Peace,
Robyn Lebron-Anders
Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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