Ali Winters

Sunday, February 3, 2019

“I have looked for a people who would stand and proclaim the goodness of God. I have searched for those who desire My presence more than personal recognition, more than silver or gold.
America is falling. The stench of her sins is spreading like a cancer across the nation. The sins of the fathers being visited upon the children. Evil forces surround; from coast to coast, state to state it continues to attach itself to the weak kneed among you. As the church trembles in fear not knowing what to do, she cowers in the shadows of compromise and tolerance, her silence speaks her heart. The sins of her people (the compromised church and the corrupt within America) have risen to the throne room of God, cries, prayers from the redeemed fill the halls of justice in His courts of praise….judgment comes swift upon this dry and thirsty land. Stagnant pools of lies, deception, deceit instead of Living Water has been given to the unsuspecting within the church. (Haggai 1:6-8)

A sin sick church has created a sin sick nation.

Sins like a plague sweep across the land. My redeemed will soon see greater persecution. What awaits America and the church will stretch the faith of many. Be not shaken for these things must be. Great calamity awaits America and the churches that have run from truth to embrace another gospel…more palatable, more to their liking. You stand stiff-necked and proud, but one day you will bend your knee and bow your head. Will it be too late? The choice is yours.

I have much to say but millions will not listen. Millions condemned to hell yet none desire truth. The gospel must be preached then the end will come. (John 10:10) When you see America in turmoil know that the church must bear responsibility for they choose to ignore the mandate set forth in My Word and instead set their sights on things of the world. America is a reflection of the failure of the church. My fields are white unto harvest (John 4:35) but the church has refused to plant, weed or water. The church will indeed reap what it has sown…and so too will America. What has been will be again. All will grow faint as My judgments come; one then another then another. Count it all joy when you fall into times of trial and testing for I purge those that belong to Me.

Speak to the pockets of resistance, speak encouragement, speak hope and courage. Speak peace in the midst of the storm. The redeemed of the LORD have taken their positions, arrayed in My glory, no longer cowering in the shadows, they have taken a stand for truth. Counting the cost they stand. There are few who stand in the gap for America, few indeed but their voices I have heard. So too are brothers and sisters in lands far away, those who have rejected religious lies, accepted My Son and refuse to back down. Hardship, turmoil, lack only strengthen their faith. Church in America you would do well to watch, listen and learn. You who lounge in the lap of luxury take notice, you have much to learn. (Hebrews 4)

Place your trust in God alone. Man will disappoint, man will promise, pretend and pander but God alone will do what He has promised. Rest in the faithfulness of your God. Darkness will continue like a cancer to spread across America. Do not be surprised by what you see. Expect more of the same. Get Ready and be prepared.

(Revelation 3:3; Isaiah 26, 27, 28)”

ali at 6:09 PM

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