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Get out of New York City if you can – Bro. Wayne

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Get out of New York City if you can

October 23, 2023 4:23 PM
Bro. Wayne

Vision of 10/23/2023

I had a very vivid and short dream/vision this morning before waking around 5:00am. It was terrifying and upsetting, and I’ve thought to sit on it for a few days. While reading Ezekiel this morning I ran across 3:18-19. After reading these verses I feel compelled to put out this dream/vision today.

In the dream, I was watching a live scene unfold on my IPad. I saw the whole of Manhattan Island from the South, at about 1,000 ft., looking over New Jersey and the Hudson River. It was a clear and cloudless day with full Sun.

As I watched this scene suddenly five or six tactical nuclear weapons detonated at the same time in more or less a line from the East financial district all the way back toward Harlem and beyond. Panic rose up in me as I saw bright flashes of light and the individual mushroom clouds ascending into the atmosphere. I couldn’t see exactly what was blown up but large sections of the city were taken out. As the clouds rose I ran to find my wife to show her what was happening and I was very traumatized by what I just witnessed. I then woke up.

Analysis: New York City is on a collision course with destruction. I don’t know when, but I know where. I didn’t see incoming missiles in the dream so I assumed, and the impression was, these “suitcase nukes” had been pre-positioned and synchronized to go off at the same time. By whom I don’t know. The panic I felt is interrupted to be the intense panic that will be felt, not only in that area when these go off, but an intense fear that will spread throughout this land. This event will precipitate draconian steps that will be taken to more severely limit and/or abolish our personal freedoms.

Get right with the Lord! Get out of New York City if you can. I’ve put this out as I feel the Lord has given it to me. I’m not responsible now in His sight for not warning people and passing this along. Please take this type of message to the Lord in prayer for confirmation or rejection… one way or the other. God bless and protect His precious people!

Bro. Wayne

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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