Prayer Request

Get into prayer. Humble yourselves. Cry out for mercy – Victoria Ang

Get into prayer. Humble yourselves. Cry out for mercy.

Victoria Ang

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Please get into prayer. Humble yourselves before the Lord. Cry out to him for mercy for your family, friends, yourselves and the nations undergoing such turmoil. Prayers can move mountains as we join forces against the plans of the demonic.
God honors our prayers when we pray in earnest.

The enemy wants you in fear. …..
This is a TRUE Spiritual battle. There are judgements written in the Bible that cannot be change. But through our prayers , they can be lessened or courses changed to a degree.We are ALL soldiers in this battle.

We must ALL do our part. Don’t toss away your weapons,but utilize them! CLAIM GODS PROMISES! Rebuke the enemy and he has to flee! Don’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do the work.Pick up your cross daily and ask the Lord to guide your steps!

I pray that as you call out to God for guidance and direction. AS he strengthens you and gives you the courage to keep pressing forward in the battle ! God bless and keep you all safe ❤️




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