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Gathering in My Name – Cheryl Adama

Gathering in My Name – Cheryl Adama

December 17, 2018

There is futility among those who call on My name. A people who speak of Me with sincere love and desire for Me – but on the level that remains shallow. This is often taken as genuine faith, and why there is so much confusion and poor witness to My Name. It is because this kind of faith, is based upon the sensual and rooted in self (man’s flesh) and this world. It will never be true faith where there is vitality in the things of the Spirit, because it is born of the flesh and not the Spirit. The churches today propagate this kind of people, because they do not teach, nor know of the true gospel of My Kingdom, which is the gospel of Christ. So, in this kind, there are man made props that are taken to be of Me and My Spirit, and so, many believe that it is I that is present among their assembly, but in truth, I will never be found where I have never been invited nor welcomed. The louder the music, the greater the crowd……be aware of what I say about props. The prominence of the pastor, his notoriety….look at this, for what it is. For no man who is after my own heart will ever elevate himself. When I am in power, my servants do not look to be seen, nor name ministries after THEMSELVES! I never parade Myself so that seats will be filled! Where the carcasses are….you will see the vultures! In other words, where you see the dead (in Spirit) among you, you will see the vultures who are there to devour. Who are the carcasses? Those who walk in their dead flesh. Who are the vultures? Those who are filled with their own lusts so they may glory in the masses who fall at their feet. Did I ever say to have anyone be such like these ‘leaders’ for My people? Who is a pastor? A pastor is a person who tends others, to offer My ministry. They are not those who stand upon stages to ‘preach.’ I have called for pastors among My people, that I place so they may minister to each according to the need. I will tell you, they look and act NOTHING like what you call and know as ‘pastor’ in the assemblies today! I AM the head, I AM the authority. I say that each is to submit one to another, no one is higher, nor is there one who is lower. Speak one to another in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and what I place in your hearts to share – for your teaching comes not from one man, but from one another as I move and grow in each of you.

I am graceful in dealing with My people, though they subject themselves in this way. My Spirit will move in individuals though they attend such gatherings. I will even move in ‘pastors’ for the sake of My name. But never be deceived to think that though I do, that I condone such. Be not dismayed when I speak thus, but hearken your hearts to what I speak so it may penetrate. There are laws that I have put into place. When any cross My laws they will be subject to the consequences. What is known as ‘church’ today is open and has become a den of thieves filled with workers of iniquity. Fruit will be produced to its kind. The ‘church’ today is without My Power. Why is this? I am the same today as yesterday and forevermore. It is because many have given in to the satanic realm and they walk in My counterfeit, and do not know this because My Spirit they have not known. I will always have a people in these places to speak the truth, but only for a time. For to remain they will become part of its infection. For today, is waxing cold, and the strength of the enemy is gaining as I have already told you. I am calling out to you to come out. Do not partake in her deeds any longer lest you be included in what is her consequence which are plagues of all kinds and even death. For far too long many do not take Me serious, to fear the living God. For I will not tolerate what I see much longer, and will put an end to it. The truth of My Word, Jesus Christ testifies of what is. Go after no longer man’s invention but seek after the Word of Truth, who is the ONLY way and life. I give freedom, I give wholeness and abundance – see how you do not have this and see what I say is the truth you have not believed. This is the evidence that you walk not in what I Am, nor what I say in My Word. Remove yourself from the things of man, and no longer allow the strength of man be your source, or you will continue to be under the curse that this brings. Even though you may hear what I say to understand, I say to any heart who desires to obey what I speak, I will bring you out by opening your eyes to the truth. It will only be to those who will set their heart and mind upon Me to diligently seek Me for this and I will know who you are.

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