Gas Gang Dream in 2021 – Diesel inventory is Low – Scott

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Gas Gang Dream in 2021 – Diesel inventory is Low

November 2, 2022 10:23 AM


I had a dream in 2021 (when gas was cheap) of a gas gang that would steal big tankers. They would evade beaten down army / police and store the gas in rock formations. What was wild is a gang ringleader was fired by a woman (harlot) after her team stole the gas. Upon reflection, this diesel shortage is all by design and true order out of chaos. Diesel is a key of a healthy USA economy (more than I thought).

Diesel Shortage Could Shut Down Everything

Everything in the USA runs on diesel and when diesel goes, the USA goes with it. Grocery stores have two-to-three-day supply of food. In these troubling times, gas / diesel will be precious commodity only second to food.

Biblical POV

I think the limited diesel supply (only 25 days of supply) is Seal 3 / 4 priming. The USA military runs on diesel and we have been giving many of our strategic missiles to Ukraine. From many dreams and evidence, we are getting primed to be invaded by China, Russia, and Cuba. Overthrown from within. I cover the old gas gang dream and how important diesel is to our economy in the Vcast below. God Bless Scott

Are the Elite Taking out Diesel on Purpose? How important is Diesel to the USA? FDR: 174 – SJWellFire

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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