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Garden of Eden

April 18, 2021 4:36 AM
Chris Germany 

Dear brothers and sisters,


Please let me share an experience during a dream session I was given last night (April 17th, 2021). For me it transports an extremely essential knowledge which I hope is helpful for you, too.


The dream itself was weird and not really of interest. Due to its content it carried a lot of fragments of individual information, persons, feelings etc. And it confused me extremely because I could not understand what I should be told. I was flooded with half true situations, behavior of persons and long-time-ago feelings. I found out that even when I tried to understand the given situations they were so weird just to trigger some bad reactions or feeling in me.


Once I understood that this is given from the adversary to trigger bad emotions in me I got the Word [“Garden of] Eden”. Then things speeded up!


With a single word it was clear to me: The devil tried to intimidate me in the place he longed to be – in Eden!

THIS was the place where he wants to gain the position only one can get – our CREATOR GOD!

The place “Eden” is within us! This is the place where he intimidated Eve and Adam – within!

This is where he finally wants to pull the trigger for apostasy.


Instantly I rebuked the old snake (like I just did in dreams and real life before). At once I faced him and hurled the precious name of our Lord and Saviour YESHUAH/ JESUS against him which is above all other names.

Afterwards I told him where his place for all eternity will be – the lake of fire. And that the Archangel Michael and his legions will care for that.

During that a two-edged sword was given to me. The same one like Michaels sword. I saw the Archangel Michael standing in some distance. But I had not his sword. He carried his sword in the upright position. And I had the SAME SWORD – a second one.

I carried my sword in the same upright position and did not wield it. I just hold it and with boldness I spoke to the adversary that I’m speaking and rebuking him for me, my spouse, my children, our family, our ancestors known and unknown, all of our colleagues, friends and foes!

And over all I pleaded the precious blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ. In HIM the adversary is defeated once and for all. The adversary who seemed to be in person in front of me dissolved.

I was so happy afterwards that I rejected the devil and threw him out. But instantly I felt the garden of Eden was stained and I was ashamed for that. This wasn’t a place where GOD wanted to stay with me after all that happened. I wanted to clear the scene and looked for a broom. Then I felt the arrogance inside that I could clean such a mess myself. Big fault! There was instantly a backdoor for the devil. I had to be careful furthermore.

I repented immediately and begged the LORD himself to clean the place, to make it habitable because HE is the only one to do it and make it comfortable. I prayed to cleanse every corner, to bring light into the dark spots.

Actually I’m not sure if this will happen because HE will create a new Heaven and a new Earth. Because the old one (in complete) is too devastated. So I hand it all over to HIM alone confident that HE will handle it in the best way. I’m looking forward to this.



When I had a look on the watch it was 2:48h a.m., Saturday April 17th, 2021



After all I was totally enthusiastic and got additional understanding:


The devil wanted to stir bad emotions on different fronts like “looking back”, “persons”, “being led to judgment” etc. I have been warned by lots of insights and dreams of brothers and sisters here on Jonathans site and elsewhere. And I’m grateful for this! Thank you altogether!


Then it came to my decision, to position myself. The snake broke into my Eden/ my inner being where he wants to place himself and which only belongs to GOD. I took my position for me and additional people. I tried to stand in the gap for all of those. Therefore I stated: “For me and my house we serve the LORD”.

I learned from YOU brothers and sisters that it’s essential to be grounded in the WORD.


We are served best with the help and guidance from our siblings – The Angels and Archangels. We’re fighting the same war, on the same side. And it’s essential(!) that this WAR is still won – by OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.


HE went before us and taught us how to walk in truth.


But: WE have to grab the two-edged sword. WE have to walk the way HE walked in before. For both: we will get our own!


Like Yeshuah we will be tried in the desert – and the answer to the devil is spiritual. Therefore we should be armed. We are tried where we are most vulnerable – in Eden where we are NAKED!

We ONLY have the (S)WORD!!!


Please let me state without arrogance: when I normally rebuke him I’m not so “warmhearted”. I only confront him with the facts. The truth may be bitter but it leads me to my decision.

I tell him, that he has no soul, he’s incomplete and we (mankind) have a soul, know love and are loved by GOD himself. The CREATOR send his only begotten SON to DIE FOR US!!!

The devil is just a barker in front of GODs throne.


I repeat as often as I can that the devil is a fool to give up his former position for thinking he can be exalted on GODs level – which will never happen: a creature can never be the same like his CREATOR – that’s impossible. This can be received by “normal reasoning” which he is void of due to his arrogance.

Often I call him “deputy” and that he isn’t still aware of the way he will go. And this one want’s to be a ruler or set the path for me??? It’s clear in GODs word. He will be thrown into the lake of fire – no matter what! But he doesn’t get his head around that due to his stubbornness.

He is done. The Lord said: “it is finished” GLORY to the LORD!!!


As you can see, we never will get friends (again) – hopefully! I made a clear decision: Since I took such position it’s essential to have all doors shut. He would be very glad to lure me into his realm to finish me off. The line is drawn, there is no ride on the razor wire anymore.

But in this experience it’s even better to call YESHUAH/ JESUS’ name. He is the one who died for me!!!

Hell trembles when you call his name. It’s extremely powerful to speak the WORD of our LORD, to rebuke the adversary with the WORD given in the Holy Bible.

It’s the statement you give.


Eventually the adversary will kill me/ us. That’s written in the same Holy Bible. Scripture has to be fulfilled. But we will be raised like our LORD was. No deputy can perform that!



I was given a pearl on the field. I do not cover or hide it, nor do I want it for myself alone. THIS is the way the devil can be defeated!!!

Please feel free to share (but please do not twist anything).

Spread it, copy and paste it, translate it to each and every language or dialect you are led to. That everybody knows how to defeat the devil and be prepared.





Finally I found the answer why I’m getting dreams and messages in English (and some of them for the US) to be posted on Jonathans site. This is the way to spread it all over the globe!

If I would write in German maybe it couldn’t be spread in the way it should.

So we are working altogether in the vineyard of the LORD. We are the army. Spread the word, make war on the devil!!!

Beat him wherever you find him! Reject him! Throw him out! And don’t forget to close the backdoors.



Chris, Germany



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