FROM THE SEA . . . IT COMES! / A Shelter in the Storm – Averine Pennington


FROM THE SEA . . . IT COMES! / A Shelter in the Storm

January 1, 2022 6:20 PM
Averine Pennington

January 1, 2022

The following dreams were received consecutively in the early morning hours of September 24, 2021. The first of these two dreams has frequently crept into my thoughts these past few days. I have learned this often is a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit, so I searched through my dream journal on New Year’s Eve and found it. It was then I discovered the second dream received the same morning. They are short so I will include both in this post.

Dream #1: “FROM THE SEA . . . IT COMES”

My family and I had rented a beach house in a seaside community. There were lots of other families also vacationing there. While strolling on the beach we began conversing with others and they were commenting on how some of the children were just not ‘acting normal’ after prolonged periods of swimming and playing in the ocean. They were wondering if there was perhaps something in the water, like bacteria or algae, that may be causing this change. (No idea what that was about!)

Then, I had a Flash Vision of the beach with many people playing in the surf at the waters edge. Suddenly, this humongous ‘THING FROM THE SEA ???’ . . . bigger than the great white shark that was in the movie ‘Jaws,’ rose out of the sea and CATAPULTED with great speed, moving like a giant torpedo across the shallows. It did not stop upon reaching land, but rather continued its trek far inland and just kept right on going! I’m not sure if it was a ‘live creature’ or ‘some sort of weaponized technology’ but WHATEVER IT WAS HAD ‘EVIL INTENT.’ It devoured everything in its path. End of Dream.

I did not receive any interpretation for this dream, but I sensed there is GRAVE DANGER brewing that will come from the sea. I don’t know if it is of this earth or from some ‘other-worldly’ source. Whatever this danger represents . . . storm, tsunami, war, alien invasion, asteroid strike . . . who knows??? Could it perhaps even relate to the beast of Rev. 13 ‘rising from the sea?’ (I don’t know what it means!) Whether literal or symbolic . . . when this arrives, I believe it will be SUDDENLY and WITHOUT WARNING! Please pray about this and let the Holy Spirit interpret. I’m just sharing the dream.

Dream #2: “A Shelter in the Storm”

A lot of people were sequestered in this huge house that had many rooms. The house was filled with many people most of whom were unrelated to each other. What stood out in this dream was a huge dining room with a very long banquet type table. There was ample food for everyone. In fact, I had the understanding that those dining at this table were enjoying the finest of ‘French Cuisine.’ (I have no idea the location of this house, but the ‘cook’ was perhaps from France). There were so many people in this house, that though the table was large, those staying there had to eat in shifts. The house was not yet full, and people were still being received at this ‘safe place.’ I observed in the dream, the arrival of a new couple. When the front door was opened for them, there was a terrible storm going on outside . . . like hurricane or tornado weather with thunder and lightning, pouring rain blowing sideways and gusts of wind so forceful that debris was flying everywhere. The howling of the wind sounded like a freight train. It took great effort to get the front door closed again, but once it was shut, all was calm and secure inside . . . a shelter in the storm. End of dream.

I believe this dream is a companion to the 1st dream. Our Lord wants us to know that He will take care of His Children. Whatever circumstances we may be facing in the future, HE is our protector and provider. HE is our refuge and our fortress. ABIDE IN HIM for HE IS OUR SHELTER and our ONLY HOPE!

Yours for the Harvest,


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