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Frightening Events and Times!

March 17 2020 11:52 AM
Revelation 6:16 (KJV)
And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 

2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Here is a small summary of what the Lord has been showing me in swift vision, revelations and dreams through the last few years.. Even if these were few years ago, as it is with every dream and vision from the Lord, they are all fresh in my memory. The reason for posting this now is, that time is here!

Compared to what is coming, knowing the times of judgement are upon the entire world, fear of this small virus doesn’t belong to us, for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of sound mind. Fear not! As the children of the Most High, rebuke the devil, rebuke fear and the evil will flee from you. What we fear, we empower. Fear God, no one and nothing else. Don’t forget that death is swallowed up in victory and the grave is rendered powerless by our Lord and redeemer, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  1. In the field, a run for dear life.
    It was in 2014 when I was in Hyattsvill, Maryland. From the top of the high raise building, I have a panoramic view of the 360 degrees all around the city and beyond. From the height towards the south, I see a wide span of land with trees. In the middle of the green forest, between the spaces in the field, I see people, all sorts of races, running for their dear life. Surprisingly all are adults. I didn’t see any children, all grown ups. They are all dressed with colorful clothes of every color, yellow, red, blue, green etc. Their cloth is amazingly colorful, telling the event happened suddenly and unexpectedly. I didn’t see anything behind them and I don’t know what they are running from but all, with all their energy and speed, are running for their dear life with a big big lap. They are running from the direction of the east to the west. What are they running from?
  2. To the mountains, rocks and caves.
    This is in the Midwest. It is in the morning, I was so tired, closed my eyes to take five minutes rest and in that instant I see a terrifying vision. I am seeing the event from way high up in the sky. There is an open field. Opposite to the field towards the North-west, there is a chain of mountain, with rocks and wide cave by the side of the mountain running along its base. There are lots and lots of people in the field. In a way difficult to explain, all the people are running to the mountains and the caves and the rocks with fear and terror. It is difficult to imagine the fear in the people. Oh, dear life! Still, I don’t see anything behind them and what they are running form. What are they running from?
  3. The frightening scene in the sky.
    This is also in the center of the Midwest. In my deep sleep, I see people dresses shabbily, with their cloth dirty, torn up, looking measurable. They all look poverty stricken, not in good life conditions. This neighborhood normally in life is a good, clean almost lower middle class, well groomed neighborhood. This dramatic change of life is hard to expect. These shabbily dressed people are some what on the second floor balconies, in the rows of houses. They are all looking to the sky, their eyes are stuck and their faces with indescribably utter fear and terror. I am focused on them and their eyes are sharply but with fear and terror are stuck on high up to the sky. I don’t see what they see and I don’t know what they saw. The expressions on their faces tell something frightening is coming from the sky which they can’t hide or escape from. What is that they are seeing in fear and terror?
  4. The desperate escape around the mountain
    This one is what was given in this website in the vision/dreams of the Atlantic in turmoil, pouring over the land in the east-cost.
    In this vision, towards the east, from the Midwest, I see a range of mountains. We all know what mountain it is, since it is the only one. In the range of the mountain, toward its norther part, there is a twisted, curved pass way like a gate. My vision is from above, What I see is, what is way to the west of the mountain, nothing from beyond the east of the ranges of the mountain. First run the bulls, white fat bulls, then follows military vehicles with their radar on top of the vehicles, then follows rows after rows of cars, small cars, all in a rush. The military passed the gate of the mountain, took position as if war is declared and turn their faces away from the people towards the west to protect them. The desperation, the speed is so terrifying. I am screaming loud “slow down, slow down, slow down” no one to hear me. Like the other visions, I have no clue, no idea what so ever what they are running from.
    I don’t know life is so dear to feel and act like this, desperately. What were they running from?
  5. The high raise building scare.
    As I have mentioned earlier, for a short period of time, I use to live in the state of Maryland. This was the time the Lord has reveled many things which I shared, most of it, in this window. In the high raise building I used to live, I can see all around, the four corners of the city. In this vision/revelation, I am with someone I don’t know but a friend. We are facing Southeast. Something big and frightening is to happen. I don’t know what. We ran naked grabbing our clothes dragging it with our hands and on our shoulders, literally naked. We were so frightened, we didn’t care much as to what any one looks at or feeling. The whole scene looks dream, the middle of the night, morning, I don’t know. From the tall building, we ended up on the roof of another smaller building and we found some twisted corner to run further and the vision ended. What were we running from?
  6. The Appalachians fence.
    Along and on the top of the long chain of the Appalachian mountains, there is a fence. The fence is made with short twigs of wood like the fence around the house of a farmer. First I snick under the fence, went downhills and passed from the East to the West side of the mountain. Now, I am seeing from a distance. I see people running to pass through and under the fence, like I did. Some passed, some couldn’t make it. Their run is an escape from something. What are they running from?
  7. The terror in the sky.
    I am high, very high in the sky, in the middle of dark, thin clouds. It looks the middle of the night. The height itself gives a scary feeling to look down as if I am on the edge of a tall building about to fall. If I fall from that height, nothing of me will be left, nothing. I am flying with big speed. I am flying from something behind me. Many, many evil forces are behind me, chasing me, as if I landed in a forbidden zone. I flew, in the high sky, with a speed unthinkable from the evil forces behind me. I have seen frightening visions and dreams, this one gets the highest scale. The height, the darkness, the speed and the evil forces behind combined gave me terror and feel like I have never experienced before. The vision didn’t last long, if it were, I could have been struck by heart attack. Did I end up in the heaven of the devil and the fallen? It looks like it. What was I running/flying from?

The word of the Lord ”For you, I have shown everything” is completed!

What we all were are running from is from all the sorts of calamities which we have been sharing all this long. The east cost, beyond the Appalachians is mentioned repeatedly. The fence, the boudary for the Atlantic. What is East of the Appalachians is what is to be lost. Too sad but the reality of the times. Now we have a number of confirmations and let this be the last warning.

Seek the Lord while he is available. Repent while the Mercy Door of the Lord is open!

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