Krystal Beall

JULY 15 ,2018

Many are limited in their understanding of my revelations by their carnality. Do not assume that you know . I have revealed to a chosen few THE TRUTH. MY TRUTH. All who seek will find. I shall make it known to all. Man will then know and understand the reasoning behind my deep sorrow and anger. Why my tears flow without cease as my anger boils. My justice shall I serve. Oh generation, you have not recognized me. You have rejected me. You have surely hated me. You despised my love. Threw my grace upon the floor as ravenous wolves. I tell you the TRUTH. THE WORLD TODAY LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME. MANY ARE DECEIVED FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW ME. I AM NOT WHO MANY THINK I AM. I AM NOT WHO I HAVE BEEN PORTRAYED AS ON THE EARTH. Many will be in awe at my revelation. I have warned and warned. I WEEP to see man caught up in the web of the world. To be ensnared by the god of this world. FRIENDSHIP WITH THE WORLD IS EMNITY WITH ME (GOD). I call ALL men out. Come out of the world. My kingdom is not of this world. I weep coupios tears. Generation I grieve for you. For myself. BOTH I AND MAN SUFFER. All is not well. I HAVE BEEN REJECTED IN THIS GENERATION. My suffering is hellacios from the wounds I have received their in…in my LAST GENERATION OF MEN.. I have been WOUNDED in the house of my friends. I look upon humanity and see how far removed so many are from me. I WEEP…You know not what you have done. You know not. Who then knows the deeper meaning of revelation. Who among you knows WHAT I HAVE HIDDEN FROM MAN FOR
THIS TIME? I tell you the TRUTH VERY VERY VERY FEW. For I have not made it known yet only to those whom are broken before me. Who have suffered much for my name sake. Who have died to self and are alive in me. IT IS A SMALL NUMBER OF SOULS. THESE PRECIOUS SOULS WEEP WITH THE REVELATION THEY HAVE RECEIVED FROM ME. For it is painful. And for it they…like me are rejected and dismissed. And some are sent to the slaughter. MY REVELATION FOR THIS TIME IS NOT GIVEN LIGHTLY BY ME. Many have no time for me. Many profess me with their lips yet their heart is far from me. WHAT IS WRITTEN IS WRITTEN. Many do not know. Many do not understand. I TELL YOU THE TRUTH. IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING TO THOSE WHO WILL RECEIVE OF IT. I AM coming. Many are weary. I AM WEARY WITH THE EVIL. THE SIN. I AM IN CONTROL. I AM ON MY THRONE. The darkness is by my hand. You reject my light. YOU REJECT AND MOCK MY LOVE. I AM NOT MOCKED. A MAN REAPS WHAT HE SOWS. I AM in anguish to behold my creation as such. I AM MOVING IN THIS FINAL HOUR AS NEVER BEFORE FOR MAN. DESTRUCTION COMETH. MUCH SORROW. MANY WILL DIE. Many will die to inherit eternal life. Much blood will be shed. And with GREAT SORROW will many enter into my kingdom. Many will go into their own Gethsemane. And a heavy cross to bear will way them down. As they are blinded by their own tears. Many have fallen. Many are falling now. I CALL ALL MEN TO REPENT. I WEEP AT YOUR SELFISHNESS AND LOVE FOR THIS WORLD. Woe be unto the man who tramples me underfoot. Who rejects me. As he sits in his false comfort and peace in the deceptive luxury of this world. DENY YOURSELVES. PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. I know my own. I AM WITH YOU. NEVER WILL I LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU. IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE IT ALL CHANGES. The blast will set off a ricochet of events. The blast will come from inside America yet the effects will be seen and felt all across the earth. And like a set of dominoes all will fall. WHAT A GREAT CRASH IT SHALL BE. A FATAL ONE. To my beloved redeemed..I hear your prayers. I collect your tears. I carry you. I have answered your cries and pleas for mercy for your lost loved ones. I love man in whom I created and shed all my blood for. The hour is now. Keep watch. Pray. I hear your sighs as prayer. VENGANCE IS MINE I WILL REPAY. YOU ARE AN EVIL GENERATION. I ALONE WILL BE GLORIFIED. I ALONE WILL BE EXALTED.
Jesus Christ

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