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Freemasons Deacons & Elders

May 21, 2020 1:06 AM
Immanuel Acree

Dream May 16

I was in a church I’ve never seen before with structures I’ve never seen before like this jury box looking place for deacons to sit facing the dais / altar area. I felt that this building was awesomely built, with fancy lumber and probably a marble floor. There was a clergyman preparing the communion up front, and seated with the deacons near this box was the senior bishop. I’m not sure precisely what kind of church this was because I saw no specific garments or icons.

As they prepared the bread specifically, that is when the senior bishop laughed to himself and I think he was leaning down into his chest. Whatever he found funny, to him it was hilarious. I also saw that every deacon or elder seated in this box was wearing a Freemason ring.

Next these men took plates of the communion to distribute. The rest of the church was not in this room however. They were in a separate room that was accessible by a doorway in the corner, the right side as you face the altar.

Through this corner doorway was an immediate drop off of about 20 feet or so. There must have been a zigzag ramp with switchbacks or something because it was a long way down. In the lower room I saw the congregation seated waiting for the elders or deacons to bring them communion.

I then made an announcement and it went something like this:

“Freemasonry is all about darkness, but when Christ shines He exposes and breaks through all darkness. There is no room for darkness in Christ. In the light, everything is exposed.”

After this announcement there was of course a ripple effect sweeping the church, and then through the main entrance of the higher fancy room came the police. One of the officers looked right at me because he heard my announcement as he came through the door, and he seemed approving of what I had said.

They were here to arrest many members of the church, no doubt.

End of the dream.


The senior priest or archbishop was irreverent specifically toward the communion bread or i.e. the Body of Christ, which means he apparently thought of it as nothing; perhaps he is actually overjoyed about the death of Christ rather than remorseful, or perhaps he believes it to be a fraudulent manipulation. In either case he appears to have secrets even above the elders and deacons, despite their possession of secret society rings.

The church congregants were seated far below the altar and elders, even in a completely separate room. This demonstrates the total isolation and compartmentalization enjoyed by their elite and esoteric handlers. This church is simply unwelcome to the true nature of its clergy and their secrets. Not to mention, this church is also practically despised by its archbishop.

The announcement made in the dream suggests to me that judgment is due and the prophets need to be raising their voices on the behalf of the blind and ignorant. Right before the police arrive there needs to be a cry for repentance and to unmask the devil.

Please pray for the darkness to be broken apart, the bondage of evil covenants and yokes of sin to be unshackled, and for the ignorant to be set free. Let justice be done for those who despise the Lord Jesus and prey upon His little ones.

God bless,
Immanuel Acree


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