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Four Messages about the Harvest – LynL

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Four Messages about the Harvest

March 7, 2023 1:15 AM

Happy to Be Alive – LynL


This will be one of the most exciting and interesting times of your life. Those of you who have followed me closely and are in my word daily, you will be moved to positions of power with healings, deliverances and guiding those to Salvation. The great harvest has arrived. We will work together to bring in the harvest. It will be plentiful. The workers are few but mighty and will accomplish all that they were sent out to do.
Your love for people is a critical component for who is chosen for this work. You have stayed the narrow road and made my business, yours. There is nothing that you haven’t done to serve me and the Kingdom. I now will give out the gifts that you have been waiting for. I love you dearly and wait to be with you.

I Am the Bright Morning Star


I Am with you no matter where you are or where you go. I Am with you in the mornings as you awake and with you when you sleep. I Am with you as you work and go thru your busy day. I Am with you as you eat. Why is it that most have not figured out I Am there? What must I do to help you awake to my presence?

Those who know I exist and am, ever present, I applaud you. You spend time with me, you read my word, you show your love for others, while you go thru your day.

As time winds down, I will be even more present within you. You, the ones who keep my word, are chosen for a time that has never been seen like this. Amazing feats will be done in my name. No matter what happens, I will be there to guide you, as a whole unit. I Am, will be in each healing, each word you say.

Nothing will be as important as the times that are about to hit the Earth. Be ready to take your positions and help with the harvest!

No Matter Where You Are, I Will Guide You


My chosen ones, I Am here with you and live within you. You have prevailed through much over these many last years. You have served me well and have done what I have asked. You have not complained or shirked your responsibilities. You know who I Am and have treated me with reverence while being humble. Many of you know your assignments that are soon to be enacted. You do not fear what is to come but hold me to my promises. You will be brave like my mighty warriors of the past. Changes are soon to come upon you, so that you can carry out your assignments. I Am thankful for the workers that will Harvest the fields- You!

The Time is Here


The time is here for all to be ready, for the starting gate is lined up, and all is to be released. All things will change and morph to something none of you will recognize. Your everyday lives will become the turmoil that hits the Earth, and no one will be the same.

To my chosen, you will be ready for the jobs you were created to do. You will be there to help those who need to hear of me and how I can help them. You will be with me, while we heal the broken and damaged, that will surround you. Many will flock to you and your brilliance. You will have answers they have been waiting to hear all their lives.
I Am with you to help and guide you in all that will be done. Miracles even greater than in my time will occur. The Harvest will be plentiful!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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