Forced Vaccinations – Esther Christine


Forced Vaccinations

February 20, 2021 4:38 AM
Esther Christine

So, last year and this year I have had two dreams.

A short dream, September 2020:
I was in the middle of the road and all around me was foggy and red.
Couldn’t see even an inch in front of me.
A voice said “ Pray you are counted worthy to escape.”

2nd Dream, December 2020:
I was in my garage (I live in an apartment, but in the dream I lived in a house), I was found this cup of mine and inside it was a spider.
I didn’t feel like squishing it, so I opened my garage door and tossed it out of my cup. Outside, it was drizzling, so I decided to have some fun and play in the rain.
I looked at the road and saw that it was flooding, which is normal in Florida due to heavy rain, but out of the flooded street popped a seal (the animal, not sure why).
It popped out and then went back in the water. I ran to my mom and said “ Hey, the strangest thing, I saw a seal in the water! Come look! .”

We both go back outside and spent a minute or two waiting to see if it would happen again, which it didn’t. So, I had some strange feeling to turn around and look to the right side of my house.
I saw HUGE massive waves rumbling in. No warning. In a few seconds it was going to hit my neighbor’s yard and our house. So me and my mom ran back inside the house and closed the garage door.
I started to scream inside the house (believing maybe there might be other people) “THE STORM IS HERE THE STORM IS HERE!…in my head I was like Whoever gets up gets up.
Water started to seep into the windows and walls and my mother and I ran outside to the back yard. When we went outside the sky was black and red. There appeared to be 3 moons or 13 planets all under eclipses.
It was very scary looking. My mother and I began to say “ Its happening! Its happening!” and then I looked up at the sky again and started to scream “ WE TOLD YOU! WE WARNED YOU! WE TOLD YOU!…
I was screaming these words because I was thinking about my family and friends that we have given warning to about the end times and Jesus’ return. Then I woke up.

3rd dream, February 2021:
I dreamt I was at work. My mother was also around in the vicinity. I am not sure if she was just planning to visit me or she worked at the same location but different department. I just knew she was around waiting for me. During work, I started to see that people were getting taken away. Our job was on lockdown, no one was allowed to leave. Certain people (Police, Fema, Gaurds IDK) were forcing people to take something (in my head I think it was the vaccine). No one could leave or go back to work unless that person accepts whatever they were forcing. If a person refused, they were hauled off to jail or who knows where honestly. When I had realized this, I ran outside to find my mom who was driving her car towards me. I couldn’t get in because gaurds were outside. I told her to leave and escape. I won’t be able to leave. I told her to grab my dog, and run outta here, and far. I went back inside and I refused to take whatever they were trying to force and they threw me in jail. My mom came back, worried about me and saw that I was in jail. Long story short, she ended up in jail with me as well.


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