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Forced Vaccinations Coming – Michelle Katherine Orts


Forced Vaccinations Coming

September 10, 2021 4:01 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Prophetic Dream and Insight received from Jesus’ Holy Spirit
5:17PM CST Wed 7.29.2020

Dream Title: Forced Vaccinations Coming

I dreamed “they” tried first to stealthily vaccinate us all without our knowledge. But then, “it” got too big and when their molecular structures began to become large enough to be visible, consequently recognizable, “they” had to be physically forced upon all of us humans on earth.

“They” = Fallen Ones and their descendants, as well as all who chose to align themselves with demons by worshipping those Fallen Angels and their fake pagan rock, stone and carven gods, which actually stir up the demonic interdimensional realm with negative, destructive and death filled entities.

The Fallen Ones thrive upon division, strife, pain, filth, disease and all terror. They create every false god with help of empty minded and selfish men and women.

“It” was a molecular type of “they.” The Fallen Ones can never replicate themselves without physically interacting, essentially mating with The True Creator God’s Children = Man (via woman.) “It” was a portion of their Fallen DNA, parasitical in nature, for that is what “they” are.

The Fallen One’s DNA is itself fallen, evil and wicked, every obligatory intracellular molecular unwalled portion either takes life away from God’s Children and causes death or at the very least, hijacks Creator God’s human creation as a cell factory to multiply itself for its own nefarious purposes. Their cells, The Fallen One’s cells, cause human blood and human tissue to become “immortalized” even in vitro= petri dishes and test tubes. As long as there is sufficient nutrients maintained within the containment and a right temperate environ, their plasm (mycoplasma) “mingle” indefinitely causing cellular multiplication of whatever human, animal or plant cells they’re mingled with to grow with a doubling rate average of every 20 to 24 hours.

The Fallen Ones are trapped now and desperate. They want to steal as many human souls and bodies for use now and into eternity. The Fallen Angels and their progeny want to use the remaining time they have to usurp Creator God’s human creation to be filled with their literally parasitical viper children= obligatory intracellular parasites which cause all sickness, disease and I believe, actual possessions of unsuspecting human souls who are void of Creator God’s Son Jesus.

The Fallen tried to first hide their handiwork under the cover of Creator God’s trees, next within bubbles underwater. Now their progeny and their genetic spores are too many and too large for the general public to ignore. This COVID-19 plague aka “The Fallen One’s or The Fallen Angel Virus” came from the Fallen Ones with Creator God’s knowledge and even His permission.

Creator God is not surprised at anything the Fallen Ones do for He being Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient know everything always, past, present and future. It is mankind that is duped, deceived, used and abused by his own individual and corporate lusts of his/her heart. “For the heart is deceitfully wicked and Who can know it but The Lord Creator God Jesus?”

I awoke to hearing Mark Levin’s radio show on WDXM 710 AM Duluth. Levin was speaking on the topic of vaccines, then hydroxychloroquine, and now, is specifically speaking about “screwup” DR. Fauci.

I contend that DR. Anthony “Tony” Fauci, is a witting and complicit co-conspirator with the Fallen Ones and their genetic programming projects to overthrow Creator God’s creation of man in His Own Image.

Jesus being God in the flesh gave us Holy Communion to remain spiritually and physically connected to Himself, also with prayer which maintains our relationship and friendship with God in confession of sins and maintaining or communing with God’s Holy Spirit Who empowers us, we who are but dust, to hear His Voice providing us strength and desire to rightly and willingly obey His Good Commands which are designed to protect us from Evil, including our own fallen flesh given to us by inheritance via Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace.

Jesus lived, suffered and willingly died becoming sin for us. Jesus Who was and is sinless, forever Eternally Perfect, rose again returning access to Grace to mankind through His own Blood and Water.✒💙Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove to King Jesus and wife to husband Reverend David Orts
Done@6:28PM CST Wed 7.29.2020


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