Forced vaccination at my house – Diane Boegel

Forced vaccination at my house

2020/01/27 at 8:05 AM
Diane Boegel

I had a dream last week that I thought was too strange and almost forgot about it until I started reading about the Coronavirus.

In the dream there was an evil man trying to get into my house. There may have been others in the room with me but I can’t remember who. In front of me was the door that he was trying to beat down. I was using whatever “weapon” I could to keep him out. Then the door became a window. I saw him with a syringe in his hand and I thought to myself how is he going to hurt me with a syringe with some type of liquid?

Then suddenly the room that he was in was full of water, in fact he was floating in the water and he still had the syringe in his hand. I thought this water is going to break through and we will be flooded.

End of dream.

I think this has to do with this virus. The man represents satan to me and the syringe and flooding is that this virus is going to inundate us………


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  1. Aguinel Sá

    Run away from vaccines, the people behind those vaccines are not concerned about your health! Put your life in the hands of God and not man!

  2. Maria P.

    Wow, I had a dream myself that I posted here where I was in a hall walking with my husband, It was a doctors office, behind me was this blonde nurse wearing blue scrubs and holding one of those vaccination guns? there was another person next to her that I didn’t see her face, suddenly I felt that on my left hand above my elbow? she shot me, I angrily turned around and asked her wth did she do? I guess I scared her and she held her arms up and said “they told me I had to do it”, I said what was that? she said its only a flu vaccine, I was so furious and said to her that I did not give her permission to do this and asked to talk to a doctor, which I saw and angrily told him that was very wrong, I DONT WANT ANY VACCINES, then I remember thinking that I was going to have the flu the next day…sigh, then I woke up…this dream was either Nov or Dec 2019!

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