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Forced Vaccinated & Shortage of Potable Water – JD


Forced Vaccinated & Shortage of Potable Water

February 16, 2022 11:20 PM

Hope this finds you well brother! Really been blessed by your ministry. It has encouraged me to also share my dreams, and hopefully they will help other believers in some way.

Had these brief dreams that I have felt the strong urge to share for the last couple of weeks. Each dream is brief. I don’t remember the dates so I am giving an approximate time I got them. They are as follows:

1st dream
Early Jan just after New Year 2020:
I saw people standing in a line and the atmosphere was tense, and they had fear and apprehension on their faces. I understood that they were being forced to be vaccinated somehow without it being communicated to me. It seemed they could not escape or fight and had no choice but to get vaccinated.

2nd dream – Late September 2021
I found myself having gone to a medical clinic for something, but it was a minor thing, nothing serious. Don’t remember what it was but my understanding was that it was something minor like a cut or something. The Doctor came in and examined me, but the treatment was to get the jab instead, and had nothing to do with what I had gone to the clinic for in the first place. I told him I did not want it. He said I had to get it. I said, I would leave then without being treated for what I had gone there for, because there was no way I was going to get the jab. He then alerted security who came and blocked the door so that I would not leave. They were at least 4 men, and were getting ready to use force, like to hold me down so I could get the jab. I then woke up as they started approaching me, with my heart racing and could not sleep the rest of the night. It felt very real.

3rd dream – About Jan 28th 2022
I saw a line of people. They looked weary and down. No one was smiling. No chatting, just people standing in a line waiting for water. It seemed like they had been standing a while. They all had containers, no bigger than 5 gallons. Each person had only 1 container, no more than 1. I got the understanding without it being verbally or audibly communicated to me, that there was a water shortage or shortage of potable water, and that it was being rationed. It was some type of authority like the military overseeing the process. I then woke up.

May these dreams help in some way. Take them to the Lord in prayer. My first time sharing dreams. May Jesus Christ help all of us in preparation for the time of the beast. He will be the only way we can stand. No other way.



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