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Forced Surrender For The “Air Breathers.” – Michelle Katherine Orts


Forced Surrender For The “Air Breathers.”

May 24, 2021 5:08 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

A Prophetic Dream Published, Monday May 24th, 2021

Originally received from Jesus to His Daughter, Michelle Orts recorded 4:30 CST Saturday June 20th, 2020. I was unable to release this until now.

Spiritual Warfare Revelation from Jesus:

The Enemy’s Plan is to facilitate a “Forced Surrender For The “Air Breathers.”

Just as I was waking up I heard the Lord say, about The United States of America, “There will be a forced surrender for the “air breathers.”

I immediately wondered why the Lord would speak this way. Our Eternal Commander & Chief answered me before I could finish thinking the question. Jesus was quoting what the fallen angels were saying. Those fallen angels are actually the aliens, and are true demons. Those who are the enemies at war with us and at war with Creator God, King Jesus. were referring to us, God’s kids in this nation and in the world in this manner.

Prayer. Father God I thank you that you are Sovereign. Holy Spirit thank you that you are all Knowing and Sovereign just as our Father God is. Jesus thank you that you are all powerful, all knowing and Sovereign just as much as Father God & Holy Spirit are. You are all One Triune God, all distinct yet perfectly equal. Please protect us from what is about to happen. And if it doesn’t have to happen, please don’t let it happen. Give us wisdom, to David and me, all our family members, to all Christians in our nation and in the entire world. I thank you Holy God that You are revealing our enemies’ hidden goals as well as their pure scorn and hatred for You as well as for us, your Creation. Please reveal their entire strategy and give us a better, winning one, so that we, all of Your Children on earth who are Sealed by Your Holy Spirit, won’t be manipulated or deceived into a “forced surrender.” I ask all in Jesus Holy Name, Amen

I love you dear King please calm my soul. 💙 Your daughter, worshipper, friend and soldier in this Holy fight. Michelle Katherine Orts

4:30 CST Saturday June 20th 2020

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