For you, MY child! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen


For you, MY child!

August 14, 2020 4:54 AM
Kristina Heuken-Goossen

August 13, 2020

Hello my dears!

Yesterday in late prayer I received this word
which I would like to recommend to everyone,
which was a very long and painful desert time
got behind him.
Or maybe it’s still there !?
With some she likes days, with other weeks,
Lasted for months or even years or decades
to have.

But NEVER forget:

And also that:
The more the Lord works in us and in us,
and the more the enemy through people us
Forcing us to our knees, injuring us and torpedoed us with all kinds of harassment …
The bigger it is
what GOD has in store for us!

Here now the word:

Shake – Shake – Shake!
Everybody shake!

I will shake the world now!

And everyone
who lives on it!

I will shake the evil now
and put them in their place!

My child,

For so long
are you waiting for retribution and justice!

Now you should see and experience all of this!

who acted maliciously against you in every way
and goes,
will now get it back twice!

MY arm is outstretched
against all their arrogance
and their pride
and against their hard hearts!

You child,
be happy!

You are now experiencing healing and restoration
of all the plagues against you!

Be happy,
and again I say

Psalm 127

Revelation 21:4


It is Time!

Hello my dears!

Everyone who follows my blog knows
what I’ve been allowed to go through in the past two weeks

Yes, you read correctly, were allowed to.
Because everything has its purpose.

The funeral was yesterday.
Thoughts went through my head the whole morning.
Then suddenly a song came to my mind:

Interesting because this song was written by a member of this group because he lost his father!

then the time came:


My goodness:
Family members, never seen, came there ..
And it was as if it was only yesterday that they saw each other.
and some that I only knew from telling
there we stood before us.
Unknown and yet so deep closeness.
A connection – noticeable!

In mourning – deeply connected!
But also afterwards at the funeral …
It was very … indescribable!
The word service was also specially held.

The subsequent sitting together had a great relief – and finally contacts were made again …
Meeting decided!

So my father’s death has the meaning:
Family reunion!

Is there a nicer sense!

When I got home, everything had to sag.
And of course … every now and then tears!
But, everyday life had caught up with me again this morning.

And this word that I received this morning
I share with you:

MY child,

write it down
for this is what the Lord says to you:

it is time!

Tell them about MY LOVE and GRACE!

This grace
which is new every day and
like the sun over good and bad
this is how MY GRACE works!

Even if you don’t know ME
is MY GRACE with you!

tell them about the visions
that I let you see
from MY SKY!

And yes,
tell them about hell
I let you look briefly
and through which I led you!

If this doesn’t wake up –
what else does it need!

Blessed are those
who BELIEVE in ME!

Yes, blessed are you!

Because the day is near
and not far away
as the unbelievers look at themselves in fear
beat the chest and into crevices
seek shelter!

But the believers,
they will cheer with joy
because they know


Matthew 5:1-10


Germany version can be found here

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  1. Alida

    Amen, dear Kristina, God bless you abundantly, I pray. Thank you for remaining faithful.

  2. Amen!

  3. McKana

    Dear KRISTINA!
    It is good to see you come with a blessing for us all. We, who have gone through a lot have been waiting worlds of live and care from our Lord.
    This is for me, as well as for many of us.
    “You child,
    be happy!
    You are now experiencing healing and restoration
    of all the plagues against you!”
    The Lord is good for those who wait for Him patiently.

    Thank you dear and
    God bless you all

  4. Joshua 1:9

    Beautiful…like healing oil over wounds and burns

  5. ivan dimitrov

    Моето Семейство Светло Е на Небето..не Е Вече тук на Земята…То ме Очаква ..то ме Чака..то ме Вика=AMEN–My Family is Bright in Heaven..I’m No longer here on Earth … It is Waiting for me ..it is waiting for me..it is calling me=AMEN

  6. Kristina Heuken-Goossen

    My beloved sisters and brothers!

    As always,
    it is a pleasure for me to bring the messages,
    the LORD gave me,
    in obedience and with a humbled heart.

    And as it is encouraging, than my heart is full of joy!

    The joy of the LORD is our strength….

    Much love


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