For What’s to Come – Amanda White

For What’s to Come

May 26, 2021 8:57 PM
Amanda White

From the Lord: 10:43 AM | 5.26.21

Joshua 4

As I have stated over and over, repeatedly My daughter, tell My faithful children for what’s to come does not define today. There is still time to fall down on your knees and invite the Lord Almighty into your hearts and homes. Pray to hear Me, to see My works and My will through any given situation- for you are only human and need your Holy Father’s help so that you are prepared. LISTEN, and you will hear My inner voice instead of the ways of this world. FEEL in your spirit the discernment bestowed upon each of you. WITNESS My wrath for the evil that has caused so much destruction upon My world, what you call Earth. Though Earth is not your true home, I worked very hard on creating it just for you, my beautiful children. Share with those in disbelief that I can save them from eternal damnation if they truly repent of their sins and ask Me to cleanse them with My Holy Spirit. My daughter, it pains me so, that My children turn away so often and so harshly. My heart is broken for all the wheat tares (harvest of the people) that have lost their way, but the time is not yet over- for My reign, MY GREAT AWAKENING, will fill this Earth. Though My coming is soon, My children still have time to sow seeds for My glory- for My kingdom. Deception, fear, anger, lies, Jezebel, gender displacement, corruption and jealousy have reigned on My world for far too long. This storm is My GREAT CLEANSING. Oh what a glorious day it will be to bask in, once the Earth is rid of the evil causing so much pain and damnation on My faithful children. Be prepared as your worldly kingdom will fall- it must fall. IT MUST FALL for the cleansing. The time is upon you all NOW! This is not- as you say on Earth- a drill. This is happening. Look at the moon, watch how it turns colors. Is this sign not enough for the worldly people? BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED. Sow those tares that have been stolen from Me by the enemy, as they must journey back to Me rather quickly. This world is changing fast- not just America. Watch the borders, watch My shakings and weather changes. Watch the miracles I will perform and the destruction I allow. It had to come to this. Trump is hiding something big. Game-changing material will reach the surface and all this deception that has been manifested WILL COME TO THE SURFACE! Get ready and brace for impact. Stay close to Me and I will protect you, My children, once and for all against the coming destruction that will take down Earth as you know it. Run from the enemies- yes- but do it with My armour and without fear as you must protect yourself and those around you with bravery and discernment. I will tell you when and when not to face the enemy. Wage war against the enemy when I say it is necessary and with My help you will conquer. Keep making last minute preparations and hold on tight, this is going to be a rocky journey but I AM in charge always. I AM always with my faithful ones. Pray for further discernment and follow your spiritual instincts. BE READY. I will make a way. My children will be safe- I WILL MAKE A WAY.


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