For the Remnant: Trust the Process – Teri Hennessey

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For the Remnant: Trust the Process

December 18, 2022 12:57 PM
Teri Hennessey

Dec 15, 2022

I Am here My child. I do not hide from you. I want you to succeed in your endeavor to seek and find Me, for I Am where your directions are. I Am here awaiting for you to come and take the instructions and plans I have for you. Rolled up like a scroll, are the blueprints. Unravel and lay flat, and behold the plans that are for your future; a very near future. Do you see victory? I tell you, victory lays upon this drawing. Do you see your future endeavors coming into focus? They will bring blessings of truth to the unbelievers. They will cause hearts to see a truth never seen before. They will open their hearts to Me through you, through your obedience in following these directions. When you follow the steps, like the directions of a recipe, you perfect what you are making. If you skip a step or use another ingredient in it’s place, it will not be what it was meant to become. So too, My directions must be followed, every step taken, using nothing in it’s stead, but what I require. Only then will there be perfect victory. Do not run ahead, do not cut corners, do not try and use something else that looks easier! Let My will and My desired steps be the only steps you take, for then and only then will My will for you be perfected. Then and only then will you see the success you were meant to have. Be patient and endure; you will see that every step, even the most painful ones were worth taking.

Your Loving Father,

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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