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For The Nations! [The Final Call] – McKana

The Final Call For The Nations!

February 12, 2020
Ezekiel 33:6 (KJV)
But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. 

John 14:29 (KJV)
And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

The Lord have shown me everything. The word from His mouth says ”For you, I have shown everything.” This is a responsibility, there is no other explanation and meaning to it. It is about the life and soul of billions. From those given much, much is expected. Be wise to see what the Lord said is true.
Ever since, The Lord has spoken, has done, has shown and The Lord has proven, There is no room for doubt and question. The truth for an example is, in 2013, the Lord told me in a stern truthful terms that there will be war in 2015. As he said, war came and it is still going on. Syria, Ukraine, Yemen Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Believe in the truthful words of the Lord. God is not human to lie. God loves all, He doesn’t want any one to perish. We are all sinners, we sin every moment, everyday. Certainly, none repentance is a gateway to everlasting damnation, into the fire of hell.

Even though it is difficult to list all, here is a short summary:

1. America!
You have plugged your ears to the years of warnings and failed to Repent. The Lord have shown me, through the years, many many events coming to this Land. The Atlantic pouring as mountain high to the East cost, South to North up to and beyond the Appalachian Mountains, flood inundating the inland way to the Mississippi, the Land split opening between Delaware and the Carolinas, the mainlined splitting along the New Madrid and the San Andrea fault lines, the economy collapsing and countless companies listed through the radio, war, EMP like technollogy freezer, the warplanes falling from the air like swarms of locusts, the land being invaded from the east and from the west, and the port city in the east hit by NB and destroyed, on and on and on. Nothing is left, earthquakes, megaquakes, volcanic eruptions, flood, flood and flood, starvation and the thinning of the population.These are few of the many but enough to brig judgement on the Land. I have seen the sward pointed down on this Land, day time, my eyes wide open! The heavy price of disobedience. This was written in 2015:-


If America doesn’t repent and return to God:
1. The economy is going to collapse
2. The system is going to break down
3. There is going to be chaos and civil unrest which leads to civil war
4. There is going to be major natural calamities.
5. The geopolitics of the land is about to change.
6. There is going to be war, involving nuclear warfare
7. There is going to be invasion, death and sufferings in a scale no one can imagine.

All is in the very hand of God. Don’t ever doubt God. God have been warning for long and given more than enough time to repent and return. These things are about to happen.

The mother of all storms is building up! 11/01/2015

2. Eurasia.
No one is immune and the judgement is global. The Lord has shown me the Alps mountain collapse, the impact of the soon coming global mega-quake, the Northern army invading the whole of Eurasia all the way to the middle east and beyond. Death of a million a day. This and the mega-quake will shake everyone to the core.

3. Russia, China, North Korea.
War is coming which no force can stop. From what the Lord showed me, the two nations and North Korea will be the forces on indignation to the west. It is global and nuclear. Didn’t Israal fall in the hands of Babylon and kept captive for 70 years? Know now how Almighty God operates.

4. Africa
The whole word is being judged. What I have been shown in regard to this continent is, the land along the Rift valley clipped off to the Indian ocean, the Red see pouring mountain high on the land way down to the south of the continent and a volcanic eruption and lava flow, The impact of the soon coming global mega-quake.

4. India
In addition to the global calamities and the impact of the global shaking, the Lord have shown me one of your idols you worship collapse to the ground.

5. Israel, the Middle east and the Persian Gulf
The Biblical, repeated word given centuries ago “Jacobs trouble” is at your doors. What you see is the begging of the big trouble. War between Iran and Israel and the surrounding countries, nuclear war and the eventual invasion, the 12 sheep to the woods is what has been reveled to me a number of times. What comes to Israel comes to the world. I have seen Jesus land in the white spot in the lower eastern ground of the mount of olives and the land splitting South to North, as written in Zechariah 14. During this time, the only hope of the people will be the one they pierced His hand as written in the scriptures, Jesus Christ the redeemer.

6. The Island, the Caribbean and everywhere.
As written in the scriptures, I am given a revelation of the land colossal breaking and shattering like a sheet of glass from what comes from the heavens. That calamity will bring much destruction to the islands and to mainlands way far and globally. The impact of the soon coming global mega-quake!
Much have been spoken and written about an interstellar body called by many names. I have seen the big planet, wormwood/Nibiru over four times in its progression towards this planet called the Earth. The last time I saw was very close and in much close proximity to each other.

Much have been spoken and written and the people have been conditioned in to believing the coming of “Aliens.”

The Lord have reveled to me a number of times that these are the army of the devil, the Fallen Angls coming to Earth. Some are already here among us. I have seen giants, dark bat like falling from the sky and the old serpent called the devil falling to earth.
I have seen a little bit of everything. Worth mentioning, I see Jesus always even yesterday. I have seen our Father, The Son and the Holly Spirit in three persons, a little of heaven, the beauty of the heavenly mansions as written in John 14. Angels, always, in kind, warriors, helping, ministering.
If this scares people, what will it be when it happens?
Remember the 1st message message “To the Nations.” The reason for the 2nd one is, many have a hard time believing the truth. Now, with this small summary, know the certainty that time has run out. This is the time where Time itself Ends. End Of Times.

The message to the Nations is, guard your souls, the flesh is nothing but temporal the souls is eternal. Many are deceived and billions will be deceived by the soon coming lawless one, the son of perdition. When the above mentioned calamities strike, all will see him and deceptively believe he is the solution to all global problems, to buy the soul of everyone for their flesh. Remember, remember, remember, any one who takes “The Mark of the Beast” will end up in hell. The faithful will inherit the heavenly Kingdom for eternity-Forever. This is the last call, the message for the Nations. You are warned. The Lord doesn’t want any one to perish and no one with a conscious mind would choose hell from heaven.
All of these word are true and the truth is spoken.

The choice is yours.

The Final word:

Repent, Repent and Repent and return to the creator Almighty God, the God of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God forever, forever and forever more. Amen!

The Shelter of all, in this time of all out storm, the only Hope of All Nations is Jesus Christ the Redeemer.


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