April 23, 2021 7:41 PM

Dear brothers and sisters,
I feel such a stirring in my Spirit to write to you with these reminders.

What a time to be alive! Take heart of the fact that the Lord has placed us on the earth for ‘such a time as this’. Please try reading Psalm 91 daily if you can, it is such an inspiring passage. Learn how to abide and find refuge in the secret place of the Most High. As the battle continues to rage on -against the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world- let’s remember the following:

1. Grab a hold of the hem of Jesus’ garment and not let go. Remember that ONLY Jesus can save!

2. Put on God’s full armor daily. Understand that the attacks that you’re feeling, stronger than ever in these days, are spiritual (although they may appear as physical as well). We cannot fight these battles, and those that are coming, with physical weapons. So, armour up and fight the real enemy using your SPIRITUAL weapons. Ephesians 6:1-18

3. The Lord’s judgment will soon be here. The Lord has highlighted to me, over the past number of months, that we cannot pray these away but only intercede to lessen their effects, IF we maintain a state of repentance with a sincere heart.

4. The Word of God is an encrypted book full of hidden messages and mysteries. Only with the help of the Holy Spirit can we tread through it to gain a fuller understanding. I have been reading it for the past 30 years. But nothing compares to what I’ve learned this past year when the Lord pulled me out of the church system and PERSONALLY started teaching me. I encourage you all, dear brothers and sisters, to spend quality time with the Lord daily and listen to His revelations and divine instructions. What a blessing to have the Holy Spirit personally teach each of us! All glory and praises to the Most High God.

5. Cover yourself and your families with the blood of Jesus. Ask the Lord for mercy for what we’re about to endure. We’re in the last stretch of God’s grace period. Draw unto Him without delay.

6. Leave behind ALL your sins, your idols and cling to Jesus. I cannot put into words what is coming -the time of great distress such as never been on the earth, that the Lord has been showing me about. I will spare you the details that are very hard to stomach and will try to keep this light although serious. The Holy Spirit downloaded into my Spirit that ‘we’re sitting on a time bomb’. He also told me that ‘the earth is about to be cast into utter darkness as the prince of this world takes his seat’. And that ‘the enemy has laid his nets and many will fall into it’. The Lord will allow satan his chance to wreak havoc as the church is further tested, tried, purified and refined to be able to stand before Jesus without spot nor blemish.

7. During the time of great distress that is coming, there are going to be ‘safe zones’ scattered all over. Many who have been dwelling in the secret place of the Most High have felt the tugging of the Holy Spirit to prepare by stocking up extra food, water and other items -not only for themselves but for others they will be hosting as the Holy Spirit will bring their way. These areas will NOT be visible by the enemies of God as the Lord Himself will dispatch legions of angels for their protection. Please note that yes, some of the believers, have been destined to be martyrs and many others will face intense persecution as part of their refinement. If you end up being one of these brethren, do not give up on Jesus. In those times, do not lose hope but call out to Jesus and He will send His appointed ones to rescue you, even if all seems lost.

8. Get ready to witness many incredible miracles, the biggest outpouring of God’s Spirit and the most amazing revival. The Lord’s glory will be manifested throughout the world and many will come to salvation as the Lord brings in His harvest into His storehouses. The greater the persecution, the more plentiful the harvest and miracles. Stay braced.

Over the past months, we’ve been taking in blow after blow as the water has been rising. Have you noticed it? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please send me a private message to talk this over or go into your secret place and ask the Lord for answers. He has much to say to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit says. The Lord does not want anyone to perish hence why He’s extending His hand, once again, to all who would heed his calling. I cannot stress this enough…time is almost up! War, famine, pestilences, persecution are at the door-not necessarily in this particular order. Once it begins, it’ll be like a domino effect. Enjoy the last bit of this ‘normal life’ if we can even call it that. In a flash, everything will change. Don’t delay as once it begins there won’t be any time to prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In the weeks/months ahead as things will unfold, remember Jesus will be your ONLY way of survival. For those who are found to be in Him (please read Psalm 91) will have NOTHING to fear as the Lord Himself will provide ALL that you’re going to need. The question is: when the Lord Jesus appears, holding His plumbline, will He find you righteous and deserving to escape all ‘that is coming upon this earth’ (as in Luke 21:36, Rev.3:10 and Zeph.2:3)?

I pray that the Holy Spirit stirs the hearts of those who need to take heed and come into that place of repentance at the feet of the cross. There is hope, grace and abounding love in Jesus’ arms. Come all you who are weary and heavy laden and the Lord will give you rest.

May God’s grace rest on each of you today and forevermore

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