For Every Time We Pray – Brian Ethier

For Every Time We Pray

January 1, 2021 1:12 PM
Brian Ethier

O for the path of prayer, It is a contrite sinner’s voice,
Who’s returning from his ways as Heavenly Messengers in their songs rejoice;
As we commune in the Holy Mercy Seat, in the Secret Place,
With Father Yahuah and Son Yahusha, being mindful and thankful for His good Grace.


Pray, pray, pray and then pray some more today,
Declare your deliverance, your protection and provision on this very day;
As You shield us with Your Supernatural Wall of Fire keeping all darkness at bay,
For as emissaries for Truth, we help bring down to Earth the Almighty’s Will for every time we pray.

O for the Power of prayer in spirit and truth to the Throne,
For Their Set Apart Spirit is always near, we are never alone;
Keep us under Your wings, do infuse us with Your Glory,
Praying all tyranny be sent into oblivion; with mercy and compassion share our coming Savior King and not tarry.

O for the sweet hour of prayer that brings us closer to Thee,
Let us persevere and to wake those that slumber, for the lost for eyes to see;
So little by little, day by day, in perfect peace coming from above,
We then abide deeper and deeper and higher and higher in Your agape Love.


For as emissaries for Truth we help bring down to Earth the Almighty’s Will,
For every time, for every time, for every time we pray!

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