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Footprints you Make in the Sands of Life

October 24, 2023 11:01 AM

The footprint you make in the sands of Earth are your legacy. What you do while on Earth are your prints in the sand. These prints are fixed and ridged upon your death, but before death, they are moveable, pliable and changeable. All my children are individuals that can morph with time. As they learn and grow, they are more apt to know right from wrong. Those who follow their instincts to righteous behavior, humble behavior become closer to I Am daily. They know what it takes to get closer to salvation while doing what is right, during their lifetime.
Many of my children know what is right, but none the less follow the corrupt path, the way to destruction. They sometimes feel guilty, but with each infraction, it gets easier to follow their sinful ways.
Each of my children need to stop and look and see who and what, you are impacting, with each decision you make. It is not too late, to make things right, for that footprint is not quite set in concrete yet.
Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, for that is the rule that all my children need to follow.

Battles ensue, bombs are being dropped. My children take cover under my wings, before it is too late. Wake-up to the times you are living in. Don’t you see all the hints I Am have given in the sun, moon and stars? Aren’t you aware of my imminent arrival? What rock have you been sitting under while playing with your electronic babysitter(s)?
I Am can only warn, but who of you are perceiving my warnings? It is the few of my children who want the truth and want to debunk the lies. It is my children who spend time with me, that can see the truth from the lies. It is those who live in righteousness. Wake-up to your new reality. Wake-up to my soon arrival. All will be judged, soon enough. Make sure you are not wanting. Make sure you are ready.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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