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Food Scarcity, Broken Supply Chain, Hyperinflation – Dana R

Food Scarcity, Broken Supply Chain, Hyperinflation

April 26, 2020 5:54 PM
Dana R

On 2/29/2020 I heard the Holy Spirit say “FOOD SCARCITY”.

On 3/21/2020 I had a vision upon waking up. I was at the grocery store standing in the Kleenex section. I noticed that many Kleenex boxes had duct tape on them holding them together. Some of them were opened and only ½ full.

In another vision received on 3/22/2020, I was driving down a road and noticed empty shopping carts on the road everywhere. The road was not near a store but seemed to be out in the country. I believe this vision and the one about the Kleenex boxes with duct tape are indicating a broken supply chain where food and other necessities will become harder and harder to get.

On 3/23/2018 I dreamed that I was craving fruit. So I went to the grocery store to get some. But the produce shelves were almost bare. The only fruit that remained was not what I wanted.

In another vision received on 4/14/2020, I saw empty vegetable bins in the produce section of the grocery store.

The Lord has also warned me of hyperinflation. On 4/15/2019 I dreamed I went into a fast food restaurant to grab lunch. I ordered steak and chips and received a very tiny hamburger and a small order of chips the size of a kid’s meal. The total was $49 and some cents. I remember being amazed that such a small portion could cost almost $50.

On 4/24/2020 I saw a vision of gardening tools like hoes, shovels, tillers, etcetera hanging up in a garage. I interpreted this to mean that we should think about planting and growing our own food.

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