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Food for the King’s Servants

May 19, 2022 10:12 PM
Liz Lau

Nov 5, 2020

In this dream I was back in my old IT job from years ago. It was in the middle of the night and I was at the office with a few co-workers. Only our desk lamps were on. It was dark everywhere else.

My job was to test the programs in an application to make sure they would run smoothly now that the CONVERT command had been upgraded. It was a major improvement and could have been a rewrite from the ground up. It was now a lot more efficient and ran much faster.

We worked for the king and I heard from co-workers that we could ask for food from the palace at any time. There was a small menu with different choices and I chose a multi-course meal. When it arrived, I recognized the first course was an expensive soup in wedding banquets. The second course was the same type of soup but was only available from the palace, and it was so much more delicious! The remaining courses were also available from the palace only. Their presentation was beautiful and the taste heavenly. I was like a little child appreciating how beautiful the food looked, then slowly tasting it and taking the time to enjoy it. I was full of wonder and joy and was totally refreshed. The king was so good to us.

After tasting the second course, I remembered a co-worker at another city and wanted to order the same meal for him. I wasn’t sure how to order for another location, and in the end I figured it would be better anyways if I just told him how to ask for the food himself.

In real life we didn’t have to work into the night at the office, and there were no lamps at the desks.

I think this dream is about those doing the Lord’s work in the dark days ahead. The name of the programming language sounds the same as Genesis and it reminds me of the days of Noah. The faster and more efficient CONVERT is probably about the conversion of the lost, how responsive people will be to the gospel. The food that was available only from the palace could be spiritual. Whatever it is, it refreshes you and gives much wonder and joy. The Lord is so good to us. Good is God.

The desire to order a meal for a co-worker means brotherly love, and telling him about our privilege to ask for food from the palace may mean telling fellow servants of the Lord of the spiritual gifts and blessings that they may not know to pray for.

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