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Food & Electricity Scarcity – Denise Stott

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Food & Electricity Scarcity

January 26, 2023 7:52 AM
Denise Stott

Greetings Beloved of The Lord,

Back in 2014 The Lord gave me this dream as to what was coming in the future. My husband and i were living on our boat in Gulf Shores Alabama. We had cooked a boston butt and were carrying it over to Orange Beach where friends of ours had a condo. We walked over to their condo and when we arrived they answered the door and were delighted that we brought meat. John said great lets eat but my friend Judy stood up and walked over to their refrigerator opened it up wide for me to see. It was clean and completely empty with no power to it. We were walking back to our boat and I lifted up my head and observed my surroundings. Everyone was on foot walking. There were no cars or bikes everyone was walking on foot. The dream ends.

Our friends in this dream were upper middle-class and wealthy. The empty fridge shows that food scarcity would be no respecter of people and all would suffer food shortages. Please get prepared to take care of yourself, family and others. I was not given understanding about the no car and everyone on foot situation. I have prayed about this for years. Now, in 2023 this is coming to light. In Oxford England they announced that beginning in 2024 and by 2025 the town will be divided into sections called 15 minute cities. This is where you will live in your city and be within a 15 min walk of all that you need. They went on to say that you will be given so many passes a year to travel outside of your area on approved roads. If you violate these rules you will be fined. Here in the USA there are states, California is one, that will be banning gas cars and wanting everyone to go to electric vehicles. It is now becoming apparent that electric vehicles will be problematic in the acquiring of lithium and the power grid’s ability to support them. The governments will be pushing people to live in these 15 min cities and this will be a way to control the population.

The Lord’s Word is faithful and true. A day’s wages for a day’s food is on the way. Freedom is being removed from us by bits and pieces for now but will escalate. How soon will all of this come to fruition? I do not know . I only know that The Lord said it will all happen. Lord Jesus come quickly and bring Your reward with You.

A Messenger for The Lord

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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