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February 20, 2024 2:28 PM
Solitary Man


Why do you need inner healing? It’s because you cannot let go of offences. You spend all your money supporting ministers and ministries that are all about you. Inner healing, emotional healing, physical healing, an orphan spirit – all so much nonsense.

Do you not know whom you serve? Do you not realize what you have been called to? Is it supposed to be all about you? You need to seek to discover what is well pleasing to the Lord. Or is it all about seeking what pleases yourself?

Do you see my apostles urging the disciples to seek inner healing? To make it all about fulfilling their needs? And why are you so needy? Because in your hearts and in your minds it’s all about you. You say I am the one who was hurt. I am the one who was abused oh so many years ago. Yet take a look at my body all around the world. Are they not suffering real torments daily? Do they not perish every hour? And you, my pampered ones, cannot get past a wrong done to you when you were a child. So the devil keeps you bound and chained, running to and fro, trying to find another ear to fill with your tale of woe. Seeking deliverance when you should be seeking me.

Is not the purpose of your life to please me in all things? Instead of seeking the scriptures for self, try seek them to discover how to lead a life well pleasing to your Lord. Self is not the way. He who seeks to save (heal, deliver) his own life will lose it. And that is because you are training your heart to only think about your own needs.

Look around you. Do you not see the evidence of the beginning of the end of all good things? You no longer have to look halfway around the world for the suffering church, it has come to your doorstep.

Will you continue to keep making it all about you, or will you finally start truly listening to me and give your life as a sacrifice for others?

There is no power in the western church because self love has filled it instead. Love not your life. You have been bought with a price. Do not let my purchase go to waste.

For those who would yet at this late hour seek me with all their heart, a rich reward awaits. However, do not delay any longer, for the evil day is upon you. Soon the door will be shut, and those outside will not be able to enter.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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