March 2, 2022 3:07 PM
Old Dreamer
Having come under conviction through McKana's post of 2/14-15/22 to share these two prophetic dreams with you, I offer the following for your prayerful consideration.


Transported through current time and space, I saw various scenes in offices of corporate America. In every case, the rooms lacked natural, outdoor lighting and windows. The various employees ranked somewhere below the most senior management but were obviously of some significant rank. In a few cases, these managers were alone in their offices, but mostly they were in groups of various sizes, scattered around large work rooms or corporate boardrooms. Without exception, each person was focused and intense. Utter desolation pervaded all aspects of these vignettes. No one smiled. No one offered words of cheer or encouragement. No one possessed the slightest shred of hope.

Pray for those caught up in this maelstrom of despair! Not every person in every large business has such an outlook. But, as the author Thoreau so succinctly stated nearly 200 years ago, most men do indeed live lives of quiet desperation. The most despairing of all are those whose God-given talents and skills have become so much fodder for the Corporate gristmill. May God have mercy upon them!


I was somewhere near the fringes of a downtown area in what may have been the southern, southeastern or midwestern United States at a point in time that appeared to be in the not-too-distant future. Or at least the buildings, landscape and people appeared to be contemporary. Some type of widespread civil insurrection had broken out. Everyone was, quite literally, fighting everyone else and fighting for their very lives. It was all out hand to hand combat. Yet, curiously, no one had firearms, even though I saw knives, clubs and improvised weapons by the hundreds, not to mention bloodshed so vile that I do not have words to describe it.

Being unarmed, My only thought was to escape by blending in and running away. Although many of these “fighters” lunged at me, God enabled me to duck, dodge and otherwise evade anyone who tried to kill me.

As was the case in the first dream, everyone was focused, intense and utterly desolate to the maximum degree possible.

Both dreams need scant explanation. Our world becomes progressively more brutal by the day. Paul told Timothy in the last letter Paul probably wrote before his execution that in the Last Days, “savage” times would come (see 2 Timothy 3:1). I do not know how we can deny the savage reality of our current national and international circumstances.

Please, please pray that many workers would answer the call to share Christ with those caught up in this beastly world. And be ever on guard for the spiritual welfare of those you cherish.

Much love to you all.

Old Dreamer

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