FLOOD: West Africa

June 25, 201
June 24, 2019

The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
The floods have lifted up their voice;
The floods lift up their waves.

The Lord on high is mightier
Than the noise of many waters,
Than the mighty waves of the sea. – (Psalm 93:3-4)

‘FLOODS ARE COMING TO THE CITIES OF THE WORLD. FLOODS ARE COMING TO THE NATIONS. Here is the beginning of sorrows, heartbrokenness of the nations’.

There will be flooding in Nepal from rain and mountain flow. There will be flooding in the Gulf of Guinea, flooding in Mauritania and the African Basin area around there (this refers to countries in that low lying area). I see it like a flat salt pan with no drainage, where water collects and just sits until the sun dries it. In the time of overflow water will rise like a plate collecting rain and be very dangerous to people and livestock- it moves fast and has nowhere to ‘run off’, thereby creating floods.

There will be flooding in the Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago. I see the Trinidadian flag flying in the spirit but water starts filling up around it like a cup filling, until it looks like the flag is drowning. These people are being punished for severe witchcraft among other things.

I see flooding in the West African nations of Togo and Ghana; God points a finger from heaven and says sternly WITCHCRAFT. I see another West African nation but it will be judged at another time; for now no floods will be sent against this country.

West Africa hear the voice of the Lord, repent of your sins this day because you carry My treasure.  You carry my select and personal treasure, TURN FROM YOUR SINS at the sound of My voice and repent, or the hand of the Lord will come against you strongly. He says: You know you can’t swim, you only fish in the waters, so repent if you have heard this message and His voice.

I hear the Lord say again: WEST AFRICA REPENT, or I will come against you in a breaking wall of water out of the Atlantic Ocean and I will wash you clean as trimmed fish. I will scatter you abroad as I did before with My waves, DO NOT SIN AGAINST ME ANYMORE. REPENT. Lay down the idols and fetishes and the gini gods, and cleanse your hands before me and I will receive you. Togo and Ghana, you are judged. The hand of the Lord will strike you, and floods will run into your cities. This is the word of the Lord to the nations of West Africa – all of them- Repent. I hear the Lord say West Africa is coming under judgement very soon for the sins of their ancestors which they continue to perpetrate. I hear God say WHO GAVE YOU THESE ABUNDANT LANDS, lands where even the foreigner and stranger have come to you seeking wealth and riches to carry away to their lands? Who made you abundant, who made you fruitful, that you now reject Me in favor of WICKED TRINKETS that lie buried in your homes and under the trees of your yards? Who made you and gave you life, that you depart from Me and perform wickedness that is burning My eyesight all day long? I will approach you with water and fire, says the Lord. Ghana, nation of stubborn witches, I remember your wounds. I will approach you once more with water and FIRE. Togo– REPENT, or floods will carry you away.

This is the word of the Lord.

Gini gods —> “Ogini”, meaning “What? What is this?” In reference to false gods- “What is this you are bowing down to and worshipping?”

Trimmed fish —-> Fish that has been cleaned, stripped of everything and has nothing left of its original state- gills, eyes, entrails, everything is missing and thrown away.

I continue to say- As you read, pause and offer up prayer for these nations. Even if it is not your country or continent mentioned, have compassion and intercede for others. We all share this planet so the fate of one is the fate of all of us eventually. God bless you, please share this post to people you know from these countries. Thank you.

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