FLOOD KILL THEM – Alexander Black


Sep 8, 2019, 11:57 AM
Alexander Black

i woke right now i was dream i am woke at 12:34 pm sept 8 sunday .this short dream it very horror, i was walk to local full water not know if it from great lake or sea but seem all people and children dead there i was stand saw all junk floats and high toxic invovles spreading too i saw preson lay with eyes closed all body is swell up and some person hold child their body 1/2 bury on soil and i went inside room all stuff all over all is dead/all is dead i was crying to God they all is dead , i told God where surivial ,but no surivial so i weep harder.. so i woke up at 12:34 pm// please people wake up this real warns death is coming and seem from flood and seem left over flood from big wave wipe them? but strange picture is i saw they nudes but hold each other woman and child but i not know other if nude too but too many stuff floats and body just swelling up and that i went in room is wide open seem torn up.. it seem surly after flood but bad high toxic everywhere and no surivial………….i am do are care but they seem dont care ..sad they seem real to me tho dream is look real.. this message spreading for my God & lamb…

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