Flood Dream – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

March 13, 2019

Flood Dream:

In the early morning hours I had this dream:

I was standing on top of a house overlooking what at once was a large hospital.
I begin to see the sky grow dark, then darker and then it was PITCH BLACK!

I then noticed that I begin to see water everywhere.
It seemed that within a matter of moments, the water had risen and started going into the buildings.

I saw men feverishly fighting and attempting to stop this MASSIVE influx of water.
Even the building I was standing on begin to rock and shake so I moved to another place on this building.

The waters continued to rise more and more and higher and higher!
I suddenly realized that I could no longer hear the men trying to stop the flooding!
It appeared as though it was a Tsunami!

Higher and higher the waters were rising!
I begin to see people trying to escape!
I saw people being swept under this torrent.
I then saw buildings both small and tall give way to those crushing waters and one by one they begin to topple over!!

I then felt the foundations of the building I was standing on begin to crumble.
I looked beneath me to find a safe place to move.
It was then I heard the voice of the Lord say:
“Marty, You do need even need to look beneath you, you just need to JUMP, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU LAND SAFELY!!!”


I then awoke….

(Note: Whether or not this was a literal physical flooding, a Tsunami or spiritual/figurative flood I do not know, as always take this to the Lord)

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