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I receive a lot of prophecy warning about future event’s thing’s that will happen to place’s people etc one of those warnings came this month which is February 2019 a warning thru an unlikely way of John Denver Song :Country Road’s ” I was praying and I chatting with God about how quiet it seem in West Virginia it’s one of my favorite state’s from that point on I kept singing that John Denver song ‘Country Road’s” the hook in the beginning” Blue Ridge” “Shenandoah River” now that is what I kept singing til the 24th of February 2019 I found out West Virginia is flooding the “Blue Ridge Mountain’s “The Shenandoah River” I believe will have problem’s I’m praying but at this hour no place will be left untouched by God’s judgment this state was apart of the org 13colonie’s it was apart of the state of Virginia

The Lord told me in 2012 that he was going to punish the original 13colonie’s for their rebellion their sin’s West Virginia;s sister Virginia legalized full term abortion Virginia was the 1st colony and West Virginia was part of her and she part takes in abortion as well Strange water’s shall fill both West Virginia and Virginia I saw in 2014 sitting in Pike Place Market I saw standing on a hilly street called Virginia St The Angel was 50 ft tall he was bringing in water up into Virginia I believe this is a warning of the coming East Coast Tsunami’s and flooding The Angel shall bring the water up hill up as far as the mountain’s of Virginia it will cause strange waters to overflow into West Virginia BUT AS OF NOW SHE WILL FLOOD IN HER MOUNTAIN’S SORROW.

Today is February 25th 2019 as I inquired of the Lord about what all The John Denver he’s not a christian then he the song “Rocky Mountain High” then She Lord took me to the Colorado Rockies I felt God’s displeasure w Colorado he showed me that there will be major trouble of a volcanic kind rumbling shaking. The State of Colorado anger;s God His displeasure came in 2008 when they wanted to allow Pagan ritual ground’s in te United States Air Force Academy and that’s what they did in 2010 The Lord said that he would burn out the ritual grounds was on Shadow Mountain God set them twice ablaze The Lord told me that The Arms and Forces him That they burn increase to idol’s they Sun worship engage in pagan practices and witchcraft the worship of nature this is Colorado

I had said in one of my post before I was saved as a youth God would speak I know that John Denver was murdered there was a lot of stress around him before his death people trying to change him by force he cared about people God’s earth his kids John Denver was silenced the man wasn’t a Christian but God saw his death as innocent blood that was shed a man who should have been his John Denver was raised around a Christian und but never thought he needed God just the values of Christianity

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  1. LaTonya

    I was living in Washington State 12 years ago when the Lord said to warn the churches and people of volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes cause of sexual immorality, idolatry, and murder. He showed me how the waters in the Puget sound would be high tidal waves, but what caused me to comment is that in Seattle is a Pike Place Market. So I was confused for a moment while reading. Also the Lord took me quickly in a vision to Alaska, the setting was during a volcanic eruption, it was sheer terror! It was devastation and pandemonium. I came out crying and totally shaken.

    • Alonda Stallings

      I just posted a warning about Seattle up on 444prophecynews being sodom and gomorrah yes i talk about the waters n I he pudget sound coming up under the beach houses u gave me confirmation PRIASE God

  2. Delores Johnson

    In live in Colorado born and raised, I am 51 years old the last 10 years it has changed so quickly, our government has passed laws of wickedness, it is violent, disobedient, so much action, abortion, homosexual our governor is a homosexual married to a man the children are disrespectful violent, it goes on and on. We recently had an earthquake a couple of weeks ago. I and my daughter has had dreams of earthquakes that has opened up massive cracks in the ground my son had dreams of tornadoes ripping through our banks. I know YHWH is going to rate this state up.

  3. Alonda Stallings

    Amen sister the rookies will erupt an earthquake and volcanic activity God showed me Priase God

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