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Fleeing From Infected Dream – Anonymous

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Fleeing From Infected Dream

November 16, 2022 8:00 AM

6th April 2022(3.30-5.35am)

I had a dream early this morning. Unlike any dreams I had before, I am convinced this dream is meant to be shared.

In the first part of the dream. I was sitting with others in a medium sized hall. It is in the upper room as there is a huge balcony. It has an opened view of outside with no glass or mirrors. I noticed there were creatures circling around in the sky. It almost felt that we were expecting this. Then suddenly there was this Alien looking creature moving towards me, it was so close to me that I was so sure that I would be attacked and killed. I just kept my eyes closed and waited and nothing happened. Then I opened my eyes and there was chaos in that room. People were trying to get away.

Second part of the dream, I remember I was trying to help people to find shelter as I could see when the building being occupied by these creatures or force turns to black in color. We were running away from these places. I remember it was a journey and I remember helping one child. I also realized they were able to track us as I could see the shadows and lights following as we moved to find safety. This process was long. I remember very vaguely a place that I used to live in as a child. I know I have seen this exact place more than once in dreams. It was the same exact spot. At the back of our old home in Carey island.

The third part of the dream I was with another person, I cannot identify who, but a man and we were trying to get away from these creatures/harm. Then I see this man chasing after us violently. I took a good look at him. He was medium height; curly hair and his left eye was darkened. That is how I know he was infected or contaminated. He did not have any weapon with him, but we were trying to get away from him at all cost. I felt that if we did not we will be contaminated like him or become like him. I remember telling the person with me to get away and we came to the end of the building and we were basically on top of this very high building and there was no way out, to get away from that man and without even thinking twice, I said jump and the person with me jumped together with me. I know we will hit the ground and I remember praising the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord I was uttering as we were falling. I expected to hit the ground and be smashed to bits. But nothing like that happened. We fell into another environment unharmed. I remember looking for that person with me. Then I noticed that there were people there but I noticed in particular one person sitting at a desk and it had to do with communication.

7.19 pm 6th April 2021

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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