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Flatiron Building Dream – Debra Rua

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Flatiron Building Dream

June 18, 2023 6:37 AM
Debra Rua

Dream received on June 17th 2023

Last night I had a dream. I was in a very oddly distinct shaped building. In real life, I have never seen this building before.
I was inside on the top floor of this building. But there was one more floor above that was part of the structure, but not accessible to the general public.
I was getting ready to leave, when I heard alert sirens starting.
Just then I heard the sound of locking mechanisms and lock down bars engaging. Similar to the sounds inside of a jail.
I then heard footsteps above me and when I looked up, I could see through the floor above me to see that there were now military soldiers patrolling this top inaccessible top floor of the building.
I felt a great wind and heard a loud sound, to look behind me as a tidal wave came and crashed against the building. It made the building rock forwards and back. Followed by another one…..then I heard and saw a last wave approaching. It was monstrous. Just before that one hit, I woke up.

This morning, I googled images to look for this building.
I found one that looks IDENTICAL!
It’s called the “Flatiron” Building” in Manhattan.

So then I searched to see if “flat iron” was used anywhere in the scriptures, and it is!!!! In Ezekiel 4….



Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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