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January 27, 2024 7:16 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Received January 5, 2024

The first nation peoples will be vindicated says the Precious Lord of his people, who inhabited the lands now called North America.

I saw the murders, the false words and promises issued in proclamations and treaties. I saw the many deceptions issued through the government representatives, who proclaimed peace and safety in return for property. I saw their plans of iniquity and I was much angered. Fairness was often their proclamation but deceit was at its root. I hated their froward mouthings and their masked deception.

Your leaders were put in a double bind as they knew they could not match the fire power and evil that beset them. Many lives were lost and they sought to protect the lands which had not been wrought from them by the white man. Alas, time and time again the promises were broken and once again they were forced to vacate the land of their ancestors.

I saw it all. So many have rejected me because you believed I was the white man’s god. Your children were taken away and taught to hate the old ways and follow white man practices and lifestyle. They even forced you to believe in the white god, a god of made to favor them. This was not my desire.

I AM the God of all flesh! I do not forget the blood shed by those who are “in the way” of progress. I heard the cries and saw the tears shed for the lost warriors. Their widows and fatherless children that were forced to rely on the tribe for their needs and protection. Do not forsake the God that made you! I Am on the side of righteousness and nothing escapes my eye.

Do not fret and do not plot your revenge for if you place your trust in me alone, I will fight your battle. I AM not a god among many. I AM the only true God. I AM not the god of forgetfulness, I AM the God of Justice and I AM not slow to act as some speak, I know the perfect season and hour to bring forth retribution. Seek me for the true recompense owed to your nation. All will be exposed and the world will see the perfect justice that only I can bring..

Those among you, who plot revenge, lay aside your anger and come to Me for healing.

I call you to stop worshipping your ancestors and their gods. I want to be your one and only God. I made you in my image and gave these lands to your fathers and your father’s fathers. I have not forsaken you, do not forsake Me.

Soon you will watch as justice is delivered to those who deserve it, they will suffer in very much the same way your forefathers were made to suffer. They will understand first hand what it is like to be suddenly savagely attacked and overtaken due to inferior weaponry. They will fall and some will not see the sun rise thereafter. Their widows and fatherless children will cry and grieve just as yours had done. They will be powerless against their foes, as they face hordes of soldiers with orders to destroy any who resist. They will be in shock as they realize that their way of life has been ripped from them and their way of life will never again be the same. Life will be drudgery and each day a struggle to survive. Then, they will realize that they are now reaping what they have sown.

Come and worship at the fountain of peace. My son, the Messiah, Christ Jesus died for all. He did not distinguish between skin color, region or culture. He, who was without sin became sin for all that would lay down their anger, regret and all other sin done against me, so that we would one day unite in peace and harmony.

All earthly treasure is tainted with blood of the ancestors. Seek heavenly treasure that only I can offer to all who repent. It is time to move forward, soon all that exists on the earth will be purified and rectified and restored to its original grandeur. Then all that I call My own will live and reign with my son for a thousand years.

I cherish you and love you with an everlasting love that none can offer. You are my treasure. Come and find your rest, a perfect rest that only those who repent of their sins, will find.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:17-18


Proverbs 3:5-6
Jeremiah 32:27
Romans 12:12-20
Psalm 146:9
Psalm 68:5
Zechariah 7:10
Habbakkuk entire book (comprised of 3 chapters, reading time under 10 minutes)

Prayers for strength and persistence are greatly appreciated. I have multiple words that I am being challenged to complete. Thank you!

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